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Time out. Oftentimes, I need a little time out to refresh my energy, emotion, or eagerness in getting through a task at hand. I’ve been re-reading several books, “Time out, Ladies!” and “Margin” which remind me that I don’t need a vacation, Calgon bath, or nails done to feel rested or renewed. I actually just…

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Do you like working messes? I do, especially when they belong to someone else. It seems as though my working mess can easily become permanent, especially concerning my desk area. I guess I just have too much stuff with not enough space to put it. I am trying to think creatively on overcoming that, but…

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A glorious hello from just over the hilltop where this happy wife lives. Thirty-four years ago this Columbus Day weekend, I met Dick at the Monadnock Bible Conference in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. It was a singles retreat and both of us almost talked ourselves out of going, but I’m so glad I went. I have…

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