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A glorious hello from just over the hilltop where this happy wife lives. Thirty-four years ago this Columbus Day weekend, I met Dick at the Monadnock Bible Conference in Jaffrey, New Hampshire. It was a singles retreat and both of us almost talked ourselves out of going, but I’m so glad I went.

I have learned that God has a way of bringing things together in my life and for my good and that weekend once again was too my benefit. How blessed I am and how blessed I was to meet this wonderful man that has become my best friend. There really is no one else I’d rather spend time with than him and I won’t apologize for boasting of him. His love, trust, and devotion over these years has deepened and strengthened our relationship. “May I sit here?” were the first words he spoke to me as he then sat with me on the bus returning from a hayride. The rest is history.

May I sit here?” were the first words he spoke to me

Many years ago, well it must have been about thirty, we hosted college students for Word of Life in Schroon Lake in our home in Vermont through our church. One of those students, Karen from Pennsylvania, has kept in touch with us through letters and Christmas cards all these years. She came to visit with us last week for a few days on her way to Word of Life for her thirtieth reunion. What a lovely visit catching up on the previous years and the happenings in our lives now. She had been impressed with our young children at that time and was glad to hear about them and all they are doing. I’m so glad she stopped by.

Bear, bugs, and book

Did I tell you we discovered bear scat in our upper garden and my neighbor saw the bear with two cubs at dusk one evening lumbering behind our garages? I’m thinking that the deer are probably my choice of wild animals wandering about in the village if we need to have any around. Well, they should be hibernating shortly and I suggest they find a place far, far from here. We also had a skunk hit by a vehicle last week and the perfume smell lasted several days and we’ve been inundated with box elder bugs. They are a challenge and we have been using the front porch door because they have taken over the kitchen door in the porch corner and the side of the house while sunning themselves in the warmth of the day. Some have actually been forward enough to enter into the house but my trusty squashing technique is fast and furious. They are not allowed to live IN my house and so their life is cut short. On a good note, Dick brought little boss in for the winter and we took big boss to Andrea. He was just way too big for my house and hopefully, they will enjoy a Boston Fern for a while.

what a treasure both of history and seeing a hand written letter

Writers’ Group met last week and what a wonderful assortment of stories, essays, and poems were read by these local authors. Vicki shared some letters written during the Civil War from her Great Grandfather home to his mother. What a treasure both of history and in seeing a hand written letter that connects you with a relative from the past.

Many of you recall that our youngest son, Ethan, is promoting and selling his film, “The Unknowns.” Last week he and the co-producer Neil had the privilege of talking to and showing his documentary to the cadets at Virginia Tech. That was a wonderful experience and we hope they have many more opportunities to speak and show their movie.  The DVD’s and Blue-ray’s should be available the beginning of November, so if you want to order please check out his website, www.theunknownsmovie.com.

Sunday after church we stopped at the Hometown Cafe for lunch with several people from church. It is always a pleasure meeting with others and getting to know them better. Later that day we stopped by at Eric’s to visit, check on his foot, and deliver the Boston fern. It was a lovely day of rest and visits.

The main topic

“What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?” My Dad used that phrase many, many times in my growing up years and beyond. As a child I didn’t understand what he was saying as it didn’t have anything to do with the conversation at hand. As I grew I realized that he was my excuses, arguments, or rants into perspective by referencing this non-related phrase. In other words, I was trying to distract from the main reason I was in trouble, didn’t want to obey, or was angry with something that had happened. I see human nature hasn’t changed as my children tried the same tactic of distraction and even today we get away from the goal or project at hand by negative remarks or unnecessary incidents. Stay on the main topic! Keep the goal before you! And don’t find yourself getting emotionally involved in any discussion or direction you are working on by “the price of tea in China.” That includes this election. We have a country to save so please do your research and don’t get distracted.

I hope you are loving this beautiful October weather with its beautiful evening cloud displays and the gorgeous color of leaves that will soon cover the ground with enough to rake and jump in. Well, for me there will be no jumping but rather just scuffing about in them! Love, Sharon