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Showing posts from February 2019.

“Floyd,” the pink wooden flamingo hanging in the Norway maple, had a blast the last couple of days as the wind blew and blew for almost 28 hours straight. He was laughing and laughing as his feet and scarf were whipping around in the blustery weather with the wind gusts reaching about 55 miles per…

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“Oh, what a beautiful morning. Oh, what a beautiful day….” And it is such a beautiful day “just over the hilltop” in Norwood. The sun is bright, the air is crisp, the phoebes are singing, and Dick’s van is repaired.  He was able to get to work in his own vehicle after picking it up…

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Welcome to “just over the hilltop” where the sun is melting and settling the piles of snow, the wind is drying the melting snow on the driveway, and the temperature warmed up overnight to 42 this morning. This is about the fourth overnight warm-up and that is a new phenomenon in my memory. Since the…

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