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A few flurries are floating around this afternoon and the warmer temperature of 16 seems like a heat wave. This month is half over which means I have two more weeks of reading, thinking, and filing….in other words relaxing. The fluctuation of weather in this past week has created some interesting situations in areas around…

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Do you like working messes? I do, especially when they belong to someone else. It seems as though my working mess can easily become permanent, especially concerning my desk area. I guess I just have too much stuff with not enough space to put it. I am trying to think creatively on overcoming that, but…

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Today is warm, sunny and bright. It is also Valentine’s Day according to my calendar so for those of you that celebrate this day – Happy Valentine’s Day! Dick and I joyfully celebrate our love and devotion every day because love is an action and we don’t want ours to stand still. It might then…

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