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Showing posts from February 2017.

We have been inundated with huge flocks of “rockin’ robins!” They have been picking the seeds in the buckthorn (Dick calls it a witch tree) and are chattering in the early morning. A woodpecker is making his presence known by the chips at the base of one of the driveway maples, and the squirrels are…

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Today is warm, sunny and bright. It is also Valentine’s Day according to my calendar so for those of you that celebrate this day – Happy Valentine’s Day! Dick and I joyfully celebrate our love and devotion every day because love is an action and we don’t want ours to stand still. It might then…

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If I didn’t know better, I might think that we have become gadabouts or continuous party goers. And it’s only the beginning of February! It does seem as though many meetings and dinner parties fell in a short period of time and we attended as many as we could. Some were at our house. Yes,…

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