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Do you like working messes? I do, especially when they belong to someone else. It seems as though my working mess can easily become permanent, especially concerning my desk area. I guess I just have too much stuff with not enough space to put it. I am trying to think creatively on overcoming that, but I won’t let it prevent me from getting other things done.

Anyway, the mess I’m referring to is in the neighbor’s yard and I am pleased to see the piles of supplies get smaller and smaller as they continue making the house great again. The roof has been completed on our side and the work, in spite of all the rain, is progressing right along on the south side of the house. That working mess is a sight to behold because things often look worse before they get better. Maybe that will be true about my desk one day.

Libraries and writers

The Writers’ Group was so happy to have one of our regular writers back with us last week. Doug has been out sick for quite some time and though still weak, he was here, sitting in his regular spot on the couch, and he even brought the start of a new story to share with us. It was good to have him back.

Saturday my friend Susan and I, known as the Library Ladies, visited the Hepburn Library in Colton. Their Saturdays, at least this one, are extremely busy with patrons and community activities. They had a meeting going on downstairs and a writing session happening upstairs. Yet with this bustling library, the husband and wife team-librarians took time to answer our questions and give us stories and information concerning the first donated library given by Mr. Hepburn to their town. Our reports will be out soon: check us out on Facebook – The Library Ladies.

walking and talking is great for a relationship and so is eating together!

Later that afternoon Dick and I watched the last movie for this season at church and enjoyed a pot luck supper after. I will add to one of my favorite sayings: that walking and talking is great for a relationship and so is eating together!

The daffodils closest to the house have blossomed and the lilac buds are exploding. The grass is greener, the birds seem louder, and the peepers are letting us know spring is here.

Sunday Dick and I had lunch at Pizza Hut with some of our church family, took a drive to the Birchbark Bookstore, then picked up some groceries on the way home. It was a beautiful day and we happened to find part of my goals for this year. I’d been thinking that the old retro lawn chairs of the fifties-sixties might look nice on the porch with the rocking chairs and some for the upper garden area and outdoor table. When we parked at the bookstore, lo and behold, there were two extremely rusty but perfect chairs laying beside the barn out back. Dick made an inquiry to see if he might like to sell them and how much. While the owner checked on the chairs, we browsed the store looking for treasures in books and listening to the wonderful music playing in the background. That day he was playing a recording of Fred Astaire songs from his movies and though it was instrumental, I was singing along. I found myself thinking of Pete, our young friend, former soda jerk and cook at the diner, and the designer of my websites. I believe Pete owns every Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers film and loves this elevator music!

oops, I got sidetracked by “A Fine Romance

Oops, I got sidetracked by “A Fine Romance” and finally went to find Dick to check out. That’s when I discovered the owner had told Dick we could have the lawn chairs. What a blessing, though it means work for Dick. While I was getting groceries he looked for rust remover and off-white and sage green paint for the chairs to match our house colors. They will look lovely, old, and usable around the table in the garden spot. “Every good and perfect gift cometh down from the Father” and I thank God for this gift from Tim.

Just thinking

I’ve been thinking ……….. and wondering about the men’s section of books. At the bookstore I found the areas for self-help, gardening, crafts, politics, cooking, children, military, New England, women, biography, and many more. I don’t remember seeing a section for men. So that is what I’ve been thinking about. Would that indicate men don’t have health issues, questions about aging, marital problems, or need to know how to organize their garage? Or maybe they just don’t need every Tom, Dick, and Harry telling them how to solve a problem or how to improve themselves. Do women have more drama than men? Do women need more help in relationships than men? Do women want others to think for them but men tend to figure things out themselves? Whatever the reasons may be, I just found it interesting that there is a huge section for women and nothing for men. Maybe men don’t read but rather build and create. Maybe men don’t like to talk about their problems because in most cases things work themselves out. Maybe men just aren’t into life’s issues because the women have it pretty well figured out. Well, I don’t have the answers and am just asking some questions to myself and wondering why men don’t require equal rights and space in a library or bookstore.

Keep on thinking and searching for answers but “never let the other guy do your thinking for you.” I don’t know who said that but it is a quote I saw the other day. Happy Spring! Love, Sharon