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Time out. Oftentimes, I need a little time out to refresh my energy, emotion, or eagerness in getting through a task at hand. I’ve been re-reading several books, “Time out, Ladies!” and “Margin” which remind me that I don’t need a vacation, Calgon bath, or nails done to feel rested or renewed. I actually just need a few minutes to stop, release, and breathe in. This is a time out with God as I give to Him whatever stress, emotion, or zeal I may have at that time.

Anyway, I just took a ten-minute time out and went to sit on the bench under the back maple tree that overlooks the freshly plowed field in the valley toward the Raquette River. The breeze was gentle, the mind settled, and Dick joined me for those few minutes in silence and then reflection. I love the hilltop and am blessed to live in this “little mansion over the hilltop.” It isn’t a mansion, but it is ours, and we want to care for it and enjoy it as though it was the greatest mansion on earth.

As an aside: I don’t paint my nails because then I would not be able to work my hands as hard as I do, I prefer showers to baths, and vacations are not always refreshing. So, time outs with God are the best for me and as Corrie Ten Boom said, “don’t wrestle, just nestle.” And that’s what I like to do. Nestle with God and give Him anything that is burdening me. Peace and joy follows.

Nestle with God and give Him anything that is burdening me

Well, guess I started with what I was thinking about today and that is part of a devotional for several ladies coming tonight as I invited them for a six-month review of the Women’s Class I taught last fall. I just want to talk about them this time and how they are taking care of themselves. We tend to care for those around us more than ourselves so I wanted to treat them to dessert and an evening of time out, although this evening will be a bit longer then ten minutes. I am looking forward to gathering with them.

Show and Tell

Last week three-year-old Sam called to talk with me and as he was telling me about his toys and treasures in a special drawer his voice kept trailing off. It seems he was using the phone as a camera/window to show me what he was talking about. I couldn’t see his play dough or the tools in his drawer but he kept trying to “show and tell” anyway. The delight of grandchildren is precious even over the phone.

Last week the choir practice was amazing and the writers’ group was fun and challenging. Why? Someone asked about the comma. There are as many ways to use and not use a comma as there were writers and so after exploring the when and where of using commas, we are going to see if the “rules” about them fit any of our discussion and explanations. The next meeting should be exciting. Who would have guessed that such a varied exchange could come from a comma?

Who would have guessed such a varied exchange could come from a comma

Friday evening a storm of high winds and heavy rains hit the area again but we didn’t lose our power here in Norwood. The bookstore in West Potsdam did lose the internet and phone until just before closing Saturday. We had a busy day and were grateful the power was still available for many were still without power both Saturday and Sunday. With that rain the spring décor is getting prettier and prettier. The buds are sprouting on the maples, the grass is filling out with a deep green, the lilies and irises are pushing upwards, and the chives are coming up. The oriental lilies are also growing and I’m going to try and watch for whatever ate the leaves last year. Also, I just noticed today that tiny shoots around the rose bush are beginning to show and the lily of the valley is about six inches tall. Spring is springing forth with a vim and vigor now that the warmth and rain are busy doing their job. Dick is so delighting in this season for it is his favorite.

Porch and yard

Not much else is new but we did pick up the ferns for the front porch yesterday. They were on sale for two for the price of one and we picked out four. They are smaller than I have gotten in the past but know from experience they will grow and fill out beautifully in that space on the porch. Dick is building one more white picket fence to finish off the driveway. I think he just needs to be building something and wants to work that shoulder as much as he can though with care. He told them that tomorrow would be his last time for PT because he is getting too busy and can do the exercises on his own.

Oh, we are busy with reservations for the summer months and even into fall. We are very excited about our guests and I’ll tell you more as the time approaches. God has blessed us with this home and we appreciate and enjoy all that goes on here. May your life and your home be a blessing to you and remember to take ten-minute time outs when and if you need to. There is so much beauty and rest right here in the North Country. Until next week may God keep you and bless you. Love, Sharon