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Showing posts from September 2019.

The doctor had called me that morning long ago, to see if I was home alone. I was. He suggested I call someone as he didn’t expect Errin Bruce to live much longer. He thought I should have someone with me for when he needed to make the call. Forty-five years ago the hospitals were…

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It is now Wednesday and I am at the church waiting for the gentleman that will tune the piano. Dick, Glenn, and a couple of workers moved it on Saturday. It is so beautiful just to look at. Thank you, Lord, for this blessing and to Glenn for the gift of using it. I am…

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It is Saturday morning and the bookstore has been very quiet this week which has enabled me to clean up three email accounts, get some papers filed, prepare the next newsletter for the bookstore, and pour through catalogs for Christmas ordering. Dick has used the van all this week so I think that many believe…

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