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Showing posts from August 2017.

At the moment I am listening to the weather report of our area and south of us is a large storm system with possible tornadoes heading through Lewis County. It appears to be north of where our daughters live and south of us, but never the less, the danger and anxious waiting is going on…

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Hello from your friend just over the hilltop in Norwood. I am soaking up the beautiful warm days with visits to the porch, swinging on the hill watching the sun go down, and preparing for a visit from our daughter Karen and her family this weekend. We will have a family picnic (family that is…

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Emma Beatrice Hisert was born last evening around 11 pm. Her parents are Chad and Kate and she has a big sister, Cheyenne and a big brother, Samuel. Emma is our fifteenth grandchild! Last week we went down to stay at Kate’s and Chad’s as Kate had been put on bed rest because of high…

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