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Showing posts from October 2015.

The moon was lovely this evening as it rose over the eastern sky. The shadows of the naked trees are displayed on the barn and driveway and some of its light glows on the hardwood floor in our bedroom. What an eerie yet intriguing feeling it gives. But my favorite full moons are during the…

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Hello from the cool, sunny hilltop in Norwood. It’s time to warm the kitchen with soups, muffins, and cookies. It’s time to put away the gardens and lawn furniture.  And it’s time to gather with family and friends. Please don’t follow me in the area of identifying fruits, vegetables, or flowers. My ability to identify…

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“The falling leaves drift past my window, the autumn leaves of red and gold…..” and today they are being tossed and blown around by the gusting wind. The sound of geese overhead, family and friends gathering, and looking forward to winter are a just few of the reasons autumn is my favorite season. The corn…

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