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Those wonderful “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” have arrived and the fans are spinning round and round. What a blessing when the nights cool down a little and the air gets easier to breathe. Independence Day was very hot and uncomfortable but we attended the Norwood Parade, enjoyed visiting with other attendees, and went…

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With the stifling weather of the last couple of weeks, I would say that those “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer have been rolled out” as Nat King Cole sang about. But by the fourth of July, the heat had finally gotten to both of us and for the first time in many years, we…

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Writing today’s date was a gentle reminder of Errin Bruce’s “flying away” day forty-three years ago. It is amazing to me that time flies away, too, and the years pass at such frequency that I need to “number my days and apply my heart to wisdom” in the time I have been given. Errin’s little…

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