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Those wonderful “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” have arrived and the fans are spinning round and round. What a blessing when the nights cool down a little and the air gets easier to breathe. Independence Day was very hot and uncomfortable but we attended the Norwood Parade, enjoyed visiting with other attendees, and went out again for the marvelous fireworks.

After many years of viewing the fireworks from different places and angles, we found a spot that we both agree was just perfect. If the same place is great again next year, I may share it with you. There were not many people in the area where we sat but we could see without trees or buildings in the way. It was a very special day celebrating and renewing our love and commitment to this beautiful America, from sea to shining sea.  Happy Birthday, America!

 and when Garrett had Lester talk he turned the puppet’s head to listen or talk directly to himself or me

I wanted to tell you how impressed I was when our grandson, Garrett, was practicing with Lester, the grumpy bear puppet that really isn’t grumpy. He just looks that way. Anyway, Garrett was actually using Lester’s voice that Dick had given to the puppet and when he had Lester talk he turned the puppet’s head to listen or to talk directly to himself or me. Great job, Garrett. Papa is so very happy that you are trying to develop this fun form of entertainment.

Friday evening we decided to let someone else keep their kitchen hot and ours cool and so ordered pizza from Al Smith’s, taking it to visit with Eric, Andrea, and the grandchildren. They had just returned from Kentucky where they had toured Noah’s Ark and the Museum. Everyone was full of stories of what artifacts and animals they had enjoyed the best while trying to tell us all about the ark and its magnificent size and ability to hold the animals and Noah’s family. I’m so glad they were able to get there to see a glimpse of Biblical history.

A new work

Over the weekend Dick and I took time to study some color samples for painting the storefront of the new church. We held the samples next to the areas on the building and found they said “yes, we’re the colors” but then we needed to okay it with the owner of the building and he said “Yes.” Dick is painting there today and when it is finished, I’ll post a picture. Yesterday we met the neighboring employees at Rico’s and showed them what we were doing inside. Dick had just completed one line of track lighting and what a difference it makes in the room. When the other line gets up we’ll be in bright lights, well, so to speak.

We also talked with our pastor yesterday and he was so helpful and encouraging in this process of starting up the church and ideas for outreach to the community. God is certainly establishing our thoughts and directing our steps (which was my prayer) as we excitingly move forward.

Restful times

Tuesday the West Potsdam Ladies Luncheon monthly gathering was held at Eileen’s which was outside in a shaded, screened-in porch. The birds were talking to each other while a hummingbird quietly fed at the feeder just on the other side of our table. From where I was sitting I could see him flit around the feeder and seemingly bury his head down into the sweetened water. What a pleasure it is to be out in the natural creation and visiting over a delicious lunch with other retired ladies.

Patience, Sharon, patience. Oh, how I love the fragrance of the Oriental lilies

We are not quite three weeks into official summer but the change in air and activity has been very noticeable. The day lilies are blooming in abundance, the pots of annuals are filling out and looking stunning, while the evening primrose continues to delight along with the Stella D’oro which is gorgeous. The turned up temperatures have helped greatly. Dick did spray the other day to keep the deer from eating the budding hostas which should open soon along with the Oriental lilies. Patience, Sharon, patience. Oh, how I love the fragrance of the Oriental lilies.

In closing and reflecting on the fireworks in celebration of our nation’s birth, I leave you with this quote from Ronald Reagan. “There is a flickering spark in each of us which, if struck at just the right age, will light up the rest of our lives.” Has your spark been lit? Mine has and hopefully it will continue to light up the rest of my life and those around me. Keep those fireworks bursting. Love, Sharon