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With the stifling weather of the last couple of weeks, I would say that those “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer have been rolled out” as Nat King Cole sang about. But by the fourth of July, the heat had finally gotten to both of us and for the first time in many years, we didn’t go to the annual parade here in the village.

We stayed “just over the hilltop” where the fans were delivering a little relief. I was very grateful the house had remained fairly cool while our guests were here and of course, the guest rooms have a window conditioner so they were quite comfortable. The porch was a good gathering place for morning coffee but with the increase in mosquitoes and the not so cool nights, it was not as pleasant in the evening.

very festive and a beautiful reminder of our freedoms in America

We did venture out to watch the fireworks that evening and enjoyed them though it seemed not as spectacular or as long as in past years. But still very festive and a beautiful reminder of our freedoms in America celebrated each year as John Adams wished for.

Sam, our youngest grandson, called to tell us that he went to see fireworks and said they were scary.  He said he liked them, they were just scary.

Dick was able to mow and trim the lawn at the bookstore and also ground some stumps behind his shed. He has been quite sore for several days but doesn’t regret getting the job done. He also went to the movies one hot Saturday afternoon with Eric and his family to see “The Incredibles 2.” As usual, his time with the family and enjoying a common movie made his day.

Bible School

Our life settled down a little due to the heat and in preparing for Vacation Bible School this week. It started last night (meaning Monday because I didn’t get this sent yesterday) and many of the children like bats! At least they like Radar, Dick’s hand puppet. He lets them pet him, tickled his neck, and rub his wings. No matter how cute Dick can make a bat seem: I still don’t like them.

no matter how cute Dick can make a bat seem: I still don’t like them

I am teaching the Bible stories and have been tucked in a back room that has an air conditioner in the window. That helped a lot and someone was kind and thought of me, bringing iced tea and a couple of cookies. What a delicious and thoughtful treat! I am very much enjoying this and just pray that it will help the hearers to trust Jesus in their own life.

Well, “That’s all, folks” as I need to finish getting ready for my classes this evening. Will share more next week. I hope you are enjoying your lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. I am. Just not the heat. Love, Sharon