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Writing today’s date was a gentle reminder of Errin Bruce’s “flying away” day forty-three years ago. It is amazing to me that time flies away, too, and the years pass at such frequency that I need to “number my days and apply my heart to wisdom” in the time I have been given. Errin’s little life was only one month but the joy of his birth and short life is still with me today. Happy “flying home” Day, Errin.

Did I mention that we have a squirrel that has decided to bravely invade the porch? It appears to be nibbling the paint off the floor boards. Well, we borrowed a have-a-heart trap because I asked Dick if we might pull a “Dad thing.” My Dad used to trap chipmunks (they were a nuisance in his basement) and then take them for a ride to the other side of the West River where he gave them back their freedom. I figured we could try a similar tactic for this squirrel and sure enough, this morning he set the trap off but he himself got away. I think we need the next size bigger and will try again. I’m sure he will be very happy on the other side of the Raquette River. At least he’ll still be alive!

Garden flowers

My neighbor Linda brought me a large bouquet of her garden sunflowers and they brightened my week and the living room. This year they were more yellow than orange but still beautiful. It was such a thoughtful and joyful gesture. I’ve sprinkled the last of my compost mixture of coffee grounds, egg shells, and banana peels until next spring but now should probably get some thinning done in my little gardens. I am looking forward to next year to see if anything grows stronger and bigger.

a view of the lake, beautiful raised plots, very old headstones near the front

Sunday Dick and I took a drive through the cemetery in Norwood and found it to be quite delightful and pleasantly situated. There is a view of the lake from one corner, beautiful raised plots along another side, very old headstones near the front, and well kept. Sometime we’ll return to walk and read about those that have lived here and gone on before us.

Monday we had a home energy inspection as we are contemplating a new furnace to hopefully reduce heating costs. The inspection also showed leaks that we hadn’t noticed before yet easy to close up. They said we should know within a couple of weeks as to the readout and recommendations. Overall, I think the house is pretty efficient but if we can improve it without too much cost, that would be even better.


Things at church are bustling now with a Sunday evening Bible study on the 23rd Psalm, my six-week class for women began Tuesday (with two classes that day), and this morning Dick and I taught the first of a four-week Sunday School class for the young children. Our theme was attentiveness (listening closely and watching carefully), learning some basic sign language, singing songs, playing “Simon Says” and finding a ticking timer by listening closely and walking like an Indian. Dick told the story of young Samuel hearing God call to him and introduced a Bible verse for memorization. The children were great and we look forward to learning everyone’s name and teaching them about courage next week.

a full display of fireworks that we could see perfectly from just over the hilltop

The annual church Chicken Pot Pie supper in this Thursday evening beginning at 5:00. We will be helping and hope to see many old and new friends come out for this delicious supper. Yup, I just advertised for the Chicken Pot Pie supper at the Knapps Station Church.

Last evening our neighbors across the river had a large gathering or celebration which ended in a full display of fireworks that we could see perfectly from just over the hilltop. It is a pleasure to know others celebrate and rejoice in one another and/or in special occasions. Dear friends, life is too short to not celebrate each day we wake up and are on this side of the dirt. So, whatever they were celebrating, I rejoice in their rejoicing and give thanks for the beautiful and magnificent fireworks display. Have a lovely week rejoicing in each day. Love, Sharon