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Today is warm, sunny and bright. It is also Valentine’s Day according to my calendar so for those of you that celebrate this day – Happy Valentine’s Day! Dick and I joyfully celebrate our love and devotion every day because love is an action and we don’t want ours to stand still. It might then stagnate or grow cold. This day is a good reminder to check and see if we are holding up our ends of the commitment. We are! I’m am so blessed and grateful there is no breach or coolness in our relationship.

We had the most glorious snowstorm starting Sunday, receiving about twelve to fourteen inches and giving us large banks and a narrow driveway. I love it! The sun glistens and causes the snow to sparkle. I checked the calendar and we only had one storm in each of November, December, and January. So far this month we’ve had four storms with this one the grandest. Dick, my artist, drew two snowmen on my welcome blackboard by the front door and above them he wrote, “cold hands, warm hearts.” I do hope you are enjoying your winter and staying warm wherever you are.

will continue to search and see if I can connect more dots of information

I am trying to restart the ancestry research on my mother’s side of the family that came over from Sweden. This family seems to have been great on not communicating or desiring to hold on to family history, but I will continue to search and see if I can connect some more dots of information. It would be wonderful to discover more.


Concerning history, my friend Susan and visited the second Hepburn Library on our list in Lisbon on Friday. There we found a project of a student’s report on the Lisbon library and Mr. Hepburn. It is amazing the foresight and insight this man had toward the small towns of St. Lawrence County. Check out our Facebook page, The Library Ladies, and read my reports. I am enjoying this project greatly and also the time with Susan. Dick came with me this week and visited with Joe, her husband, while we went to the library. After we enjoyed lunch at their home and a lovely visit. Don’t forget – The Library Ladies!

I want to be a good neighbor not a nosy neighbor

Did I tell you about the new neighbors? Well, they haven’t moved in yet but they are busy working over there and one evening last week, just for a short time, a light was on and shining through the window. I was so excited and wanted to go over, but Dick informed me that when working at night the last thing a contractor wants is company. So, I wait. I want to be a good neighbor not a nosy neighbor, but I can hardly wait for them to move in.


I saw a quote recently by Henry David Thoreau that said, “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” My heart is saddened by the character being revealed by many people whose goal it is to bring down our country, government, or president. It appears they are becoming spiteful, vindictive, and almost crazy as they focus on their agenda/goal. I hope and pray that in striving for my personal or community goals, I not become negative or nasty in that pursuit. Life and friends are more precious to me than becoming a successful baker, having the best bed and breakfast, or being a great writer. I covet your correction and encouragement to keep me grounded. Then, can’t we work together to make our family, community, and country great again?

Have a blessed week and may you enjoy the beautiful snow and gorgeous February weather. Love, Sharon