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Yesterday was a lovely day of rest, grocery shopping, and stopping by to watch Andrea and some of the grandchildren making Christmas wreaths. I ordered two swags made with cedar bows with red berries and a burlap-style ribbon for over the fireplace. This year I have displayed the old, fragile glass ornaments on the mantle…

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The title for this week’s journal comes from the re-occurring comment of Garrett when playing checkers with his little sister, or with me, or with his cousin Alysa. He is very sharp at this game and very strategic for a five year old. But often “It’s the rule” would resound as he had to inform…

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Leaves, leaves, and more leaves. It has been a delightful week on the hilltop with raking, blowing, and making piles of the golden autumn leaves. We raked the front yard leaves to the edge of the road so the village crew could pick them up. They came by the next day and we stood on…

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