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Leaves, leaves, and more leaves. It has been a delightful week on the hilltop with raking, blowing, and making piles of the golden autumn leaves. We raked the front yard leaves to the edge of the road so the village crew could pick them up.

They came by the next day and we stood on the porch to watch the precision timing that each piece of equipment along with the traffic controller made as they swiftly and efficiently scooped and took the leaves away. I love watching people work their magic in different vocations. Dick banked the leaves from around the driveway along the south, west, and north side of the house for insulation along the foundation. This will hopefully help for heating purposes as well as cover the plants and flowers until spring.

seemed to dance then briefly cling to the glass as though to say, “hello, here I am.

He had to clean the gutters again for they had accumulated some of the leaves and I enjoyed the gusty winds playing with the leaves bringing them to my kitchen window where they seemed to dance and briefly cling to the glass as though to say, “hello, here I am.” One of my elder customers from the diner told me that Indian Summer occurs in November and after a hard frost. Well, both have happened and a fine Indian Summer week it was with warm temperatures, sunny days, and gorgeous sunsets. We also had a beautiful double rainbow last Sunday seen exclusively from the front porch. I took some pictures but they don’t do justice to the actual view. A rainbow, the full moon, leaves dancing, glorious sunrises and sunsets, and the deer crossing are just some of the little things that delight us.

Gifts and shopping

I am back to writing this week on my personal schedule as our six weeks of Sunday evenings with the grandchildren has come to an end. Oh, we will still be seeing the grandchildren, but the Bible study is over and we are now on to the holiday mode. That means we will be spending time with each one helping them make a Christmas gift for their parents. “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

the most wonderful time of the year!

Yesterday, Dick and I went shopping and found an old bureau for the bath. I’m excited to get the last of the finishing touches in the bathroom for future guests. And we found a small free standing rack for towels in the Iris Room so damp towels will not be hung on the bedposts or set on the bureau. I could use one more and another folding rack to hold a suitcase so we still have more shopping to do but everything is falling into place and we are enjoying working together on this new endeavor.

Walking and Talking

The month of November used to be a gray, gloomy month but I don’t feel that way anymore. It is now a month full of gratefulness and thanksgiving. Today I am very thankful for the ability to communicate, whether by phone, writing, or face to face (which is my preference). Isn’t it amazing that we can express ourselves in speech both in manner and tone, which is where I usually need to be careful. And I’m grateful for hearing, for if no one listened, what good would our speaking do? I often talk to myself and even answer myself, but it is not the same. Talking with God is good and helpful, but communicating with you, my family and friends, is something I enjoy and am thankful for. So, thank you for “listening.”

Jesse Owens’ coach said to him, “if we walk long enough and talk long enough, maybe we’ll get to know one another.” So, let’s keep walking and talking together, especially the talking! Have a great week. Lovingly, Sharon