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Yesterday was a lovely day of rest, grocery shopping, and stopping by to watch Andrea and some of the grandchildren making Christmas wreaths. I ordered two swags made with cedar bows with red berries and a burlap-style ribbon for over the fireplace. This year I have displayed the old, fragile glass ornaments on the mantle and on the piano in goblets and glass chimneys surrounded by angel hair.

Some of the old ornaments were the ones passed down in the family that only my Dad touched while we were growing up. He hung them on the highest branches of the Vermont balsam and we could look with eyes of awe. They were beautiful and until I aged a little, my appreciation of their history was lost in the days of youth. Those ornaments are now a treasure taking me back in time and remembering Dad, so tall and handsome, strong and confident, gingerly placing them on the tree with the solemn composure of handling our family’s history with great care. He was so gentle with them which now I realize had meant so much to him. May I handle them with the care that their age and fragility deserve.

Love & Marriage

Oh, and yesterday was our 36th anniversary. Dick asked me to marry him as we were walking to the van to go shopping. Isn’t that the sweetest thing? Especially since he asked on the wrong date which caught me off guard. I, of course, responded with “yes, I’ll marry you.” We have had thirty-six wonderful years of growing closer and closer both to each other and to the Lord. So often we know what the other is thinking without saying a word. I have been blessed beyond measure.

Maybe I have too many calendars.  Or maybe I have too many activities

Thanksgiving was a smaller occasion this year as Kate got scheduled to work on Saturday and Eliot got an infection and was feeling yucky. He looked it, too. Because of the storm coming in he decided to stay put in southern Vermont and Karen and family left a day early to try and get home before the storm hindered them. It started snowing around Boonville she said and she was grateful for their new winter tires. I’m thankful they were able to come for one day. The cousins love sleepovers and get along so well that they stayed at Eric’s and Andrea’s Saturday, where our Thanksgiving dinner was held. We are thankful for their big house and gracious hospitality.

My neighbor, Ardie, watched the bookstore Saturday afternoon so I could go to dinner. My cup overflows with blessings. And my friend, Joan, just stopped by and in our conversing she reminded me that writers’ group had been changed and we weren’t meeting tomorrow after all. Why I didn’t change my calendar that very evening I don’t know because I have about five calendars that I use to keep track of all the events of our life and this time I messed up. Maybe I have too many calendars. Or maybe I have too many activities. Well, the end of the year is coming and January will be greatly welcomed.


I was thinking about……… my pleasant face the other day. This is the face I “put” on when waiting or thinking. It originated with Dick’s Mom as a way to make sure people didn’t think she was mad or upset when she wasn’t. It’s the pleasant face that has half a smile while looking content and serene in an uncomfortable situation. Anyway, I used it recently while in a new location and it made me think of Mom Bastille. Once again we don’t know the effect our little habits, sayings, or life’s experiences might have on others. I hope if people think of me, they smile and/or put on a pleasant face.

We have now entered December and this month will be full of activities, preparations, and magical lights as Christmas rolls around on the calendar once again. May your month be calendared accurately and you not miss any event or go on the wrong day. I’m getting mine straightened out. Blessings to you and yours during this beautiful time of the year. Love, Sharon