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The calendar tells us we are in April. The temperatures tell us it’s still cool. The rain reminds us that May flowers will begin to brighten our days. And these recipes tell us that cookouts and picnics will be coming sooner than we think. Today I will share three of the most popular salads at…

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In the last three weeks I have thought of many great ways to start this very late journal, but they all elude me today. Can it really be I am maybe too busy or not as well organized as I once was? Well, here I am giving it a whirl or rather a distinct typing…

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When the lightning flashes and the thunder crashes, I snuggle in with my almost one hundred year old piano and try to play louder than the thunder. I am not trying to outdo God, I’m hiding in the comfort of song. But I still jump and wince because out of the corner of my eye…

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