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When the lightning flashes and the thunder crashes, I snuggle in with my almost one hundred year old piano and try to play louder than the thunder. I am not trying to outdo God, I’m hiding in the comfort of song. But I still jump and wince because out of the corner of my eye I see the lightning and my ears still hear the thunder.

Last night I played several songs from my Mom’s and my Aunt Sis’s collection of sheet music. “My Little Angel,” “Careless Hands,” “The Loveliest Night of the Year,” and “I’m Walking Behind.” These are just a few of the songs that kept me “safe” while the storm raged around our home. One crash was right over us and the house shook from the sound. If thunder and lightning can do that to a building, what will it be like to hear the voice of God and see His shining Presence one day? I can only imagine.

Garden flowers

There was some rain with that storm and the gardens were grateful I’m sure. The tiger day lilies are just beginning to come in season, my little rose bush opened four blossoms with several more buds coming, the hostas are shooting up their stems, and the white tiny irises are in full bloom. This year I am delighting in a variety of cut flowers from the garden each week and watching to see if the flowers are overlapping so I can determine what I may need for a continual show of flowers and color.

I am delighting in a variety of cut flowers from the garden each week

This year on the porch I have Big Bos’ and Little Bos’ which are Boston Ferns. Big Bos’ has had two great falls and now has a flat side. He fell off the table while waiting to get hung by a strong wind one day, and then fell from the lofty porch position due to wind and an old hook that broke. I’ve been trying to “fluff” out his feathers but you can still see the damage. The Little Bos’ I rescued from a stand of tiny, sad looking ferns selling for just two dollars each. Little Bos’ is filling out but will not reach the stature of Big Bos’ this year. I’m happy with both of them and am enjoying my first experience with Boston Ferns.

Animals and activities

The wild animals have been quite busy and active this past week with one deer running through the neighbor’s yard and darting safely across the main street, the squirrels are growing while running here and there on the lawn, up and down in the trees, and scooting across the rail fence doing a balancing act. Dick saw a rabbit the other day, and several evenings we’ve witnessed an amazing firefly show with hundreds of lights with seemingly set patterns. The fireflies are numerous and bright this year!

we’ve witnessed an amazing firefly show with hundreds of lights with seemingly set patterns

We had a busy week of the writers’ group meeting for their final get-together until fall, went to a Strawberry Supper at Knapp’s Station Community Church and saw many former customers and friends, and I sang at Maplewood Nursing Home in Canton on Friday. As it turned out there was only Mr. White, Bev (the pianist), and me singing this month but what a grand time we had. I think it went well and everyone seemed happy.

Sunday after church we took a picnic lunch to Eric’s and Andrea’s for Father’s Day. Then I came home and they took Dad out sailing. He was so excited to get out on the water and reported how impressed he was with Eric’s and Andrea’s ability to work so well together. Just in case you were wondering if there is a reason they didn’t invite me, because it was Father’s Day and only wanted to spend time with Dad, the answer is no. I was invited but I don’t do airplanes and I don’t do boats. (Unless it is a rowboat on a small lake or pond where I can see all shores). So, now if you are wondering what do I do – I do convertibles! And one day I just might have one. Then Dick can go sailing or canoeing and I’ll go cruising.

Summer has begun

Yesterday was the first day of summer and the strong wind settled in from the southwest. that indicates that the next three months will be warmer than usual and very windy. Once again we’ll see if Mr. Whitney was right in his manner of predicting weather patterns.

When you are going by, please stop and say, “hi

We are designing and working over at the schoolhouse still and yesterday met with Aeon to get a new water softener and the UV system up and running again. I am leaning towards an old country/general store decor and keeping a lookout for display items. The storage box in now gone, which makes the property look bigger and the camper will be leaving next week. Dick has cleaned up the outside yard and just needs to repair and paint a back wall. Then we’ll work more on the inside. If you see my van there when you are going by, please stop and say, “hi.” I’d love to see you and talk a while.

“When a friend calls to me from the road
And slows his horse to a meaning walk,
I don’t stand still and look around
Onall the hills I haven’t hoed,
And shout from where I am, “What is it?”
No, not as there is time to talk,
I thrust my hoe in the mellow ground,
Blade-end up and five feet tall,
And plod: I go up t the stone wall
For a friendly visit.” Robert Frost

I will put down my cleaning tools and stop to sit a while with you. Love, Sharon