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In the last three weeks I have thought of many great ways to start this very late journal, but they all elude me today. Can it really be I am maybe too busy or not as well organized as I once was? Well, here I am giving it a whirl or rather a distinct typing directive and hoping to cover a good many of the wonderful events and happenings we’ve embarked on and participated in since my last writing.

One of the interesting facts is the wind came in from the north on the first day of summer which would indicate a cooler than normal next three months. Remember that is not the everyday weather but an overall pattern and until a few days ago it was indeed still cooler than normal. I was beginning to think the ferns and roses would never reach their full potential. Thankfully this heat is now giving them a boost and I even noticed the corn is “knee-high” (depending on whose knee is available). Welcome to the “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.”

I love this little corner of the world that sits just over the hilltop

The deer came by to help themselves to a few tiger daylilies while a rabbit is filling up on the white clover. Dick put repellent on the other lilies to help save them. The bullfrog is finally booming his voice from the swamp in the evening and the call of the train whistle still delights in the early morning and late evening as we rest on the porch. I love this little corner of the world that sits just over the hilltop in Norwood even with the mosquitoes and fireflies.

Slowing down?

We have taken a respite from extra meetings now for the next month including the Writers’ group and the Gospel Sing-along. I worked the Democrat Primary, the strawberry supper, attended the West Potsdam Retired Ladies luncheon at Bonnie’s, and prepared for our lovely guests of three nights. Together we went to a friend’s for evening snacks and a sing-along, took strawberry shortcake to Eric’s and Andrea’s, and helped sort a huge disarray of flannelgraph pieces with Jill. She is loaning me the flannel board and all the pieces for my story time at the Vacation Bible School program at Knapp’s Station Church next week (July 9-13 from 6-8). Dick is preparing and practicing with Radar, his hand puppet bat, for the program. He is so good at making people laugh while teaching them about bats and God’s purposes in our life. I have found myself beginning to think differently about bats!

Dick has also been busy and finished painting the front of the barn at our neighbor’s, painted their front porch, and then painted a huge and beautiful American flag on the barn. It looks amazing. He is so proud of that flag and even though it did a number on his not-fully-healed shoulder, I think he would do it again. It really is amazingly beautiful!

New joy

Another very important event happened on June 23rd. Our sixteenth grandchild was born to Karen and Jami. Her name is Kara Hadassah and her siblings are just as happy to have her join their family as her parents. We have not met her yet in person and hope to get down there later this month. We are working around the bookstore hours and previous commitments. Welcome to our world little Kara!

welcome to our world little Kara!

Well, I think I’ve thought about all I can for today and will leave you with our wonderful experience of this past weekend. The gentleman (and his wife) who came to stay at Rose of Sharon had grown up in this house and shared a good many stories and memories with us. He also cleared up some questions of ownership over the years, that the downstairs bathroom was originally a pantry, and that he was the one that directed plays in the barn. We had heard about neighborhood children’s plays and now we know who instigated them. He had requested to stay in his mother’s room which is the Iris room and told us that she was delighted and pleased that he had come “home.” She is still alive and they took a picture of themselves sitting on the porch along with the post card picture of the house as the bed and breakfast to send to her. Isn’t it amazing that God would place each of us in a chain of time and events to minister to and enrich one another? It was like meeting old friends we’d never known before. I am so glad they came and while here, he was able to connect with cousins and close friends from back in the fifties and early sixties when he lived here. What a wonderful world!

Enjoy your wonderful world and who knows how we each can minister to and enrich each other. Sometimes we may not even realize it is happening.  A very safe and Happy Independence Day to all.  Stay cool and hydrated. Love, Sharon