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The beauty of a March snow is once again drifting and falling just over the hilltop in Norwood. It seems so white, so soft, and so sugary. We are getting the outskirts of a nor’easter and though the wind is damp and chilling, the beauty of the landscape overshadows it. It is lovely outside. As…

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Hello from “just over the hilltop” on this beautiful sunshiny afternoon. Dick and I just got back from the bookstore working and cleaning some more. His tools are now gone, the little projects are getting tweaked, I washed windows, counter tops, and chairs, and then sorted, marked and shelved the first of the used books….

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It’s a rainy day in Norwood and I love it. The humidity is still high but not unbearable and we certainly can use the rain. This last week was hot, hot, and too hot! A couple of times I needed to water the containers of flowers three times a day and they seem to have…

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