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The beauty of a March snow is once again drifting and falling just over the hilltop in Norwood. It seems so white, so soft, and so sugary. We are getting the outskirts of a nor’easter and though the wind is damp and chilling, the beauty of the landscape overshadows it. It is lovely outside.

As I sit to write this afternoon, I forced myself to stop for a while the details and tweaking of opening the Christian Bookstore. We have been very busy with ordering, buying last minute discoveries of missing items, been blessed with display units, and the post cards, business cards, and bookmarks for Tree of Life printed and ready to go. The last leg for opening is not a time to relax and with Dick, the one-armed carpenter (as we have nicknamed him) not able to lift and do overhead work, we just move along at a slower pace. I am blessed that his attitude is great though his frustration level runs high. My attitude is “Que Sera, Sera,” whatever will be – will be, and when we have it together we’ll open. In the meantime, we are laughing and enjoying the process.

Yesterday eleven boxes of inventory arrived with more coming later this week. It is like Christmas opening boxes to reveal what you forgot that you ordered. Guessing what others might be interested in purchasing is definitely a high risk but I think we have a good selection and hopefully the suggestion box will help in future ordering.


Dick re-injured his shoulder slipping off the step from the garage and trying to catch himself. He didn’t fall, only jerked his arm in catching his balance and was in much pain for a day. We did find out that nothing is broken and the rotator cuff is in place so it appears to be a badly pulled muscle which is in need of healing time and patience. His extension and lift have increased a little and he is looking forward to gaining more each day.

It’s the little things that make me love him so

The other day as he was thanking me for breakfast, which he has done at every meal since we were married, it occurred to me that gratitude and the expressing of that gratitude is so very needed in relationships, especially between husband and wife. Manners can and should be practiced in the home among all who live there. It is preparation for future relationships, whether married, work or business related, and just showing appreciation along life’s highway. What a difference it makes when someone says, “Thank you.” Anyway, that is my thought for the week and how it brings us closer together in our marriage. “It’s the little things that make me love him so.”

Important meetings

Vermont held its yearly town meetings last Tuesday and I still miss them. Yes, I wish they were prevalent in New York, but alas they aren’t. It seems as though many ideas, policies, and goals were argued over and talked out with those old Vermonters still being friends at the end of the day. Could we learn from them?

faith, hope, and charity, that’s the way to live successfully

We attended the 40th surprise anniversary of our friends Scott and Ginny Saturday afternoon and they were surprised. Love it when parties can be pulled off successfully. Of course, I’d rather plan my own party instead of being surprised. But that’s me, loving to plan and to host. Sunday we took a drive, stopped to leave childhood books for the grandchildren that their Uncle Ethan had mailed us from California, and then finished our “couch” travel to Norway. The time change has been more difficult to adjust to this year and I always prefer light in the early morning. Sleeping until seven seems like half the day is gone. Maybe my body time will adjust soon.

Well, I want to get back to addressing post cards so I will bid you adios and farewell till next week. Oh, we posted “faith, hope, and charity” on the windows of the bookstore hoping someone might think of Dale Evans’ song. We’ll see if anyone sings it when they come through the door. “Have faith, hope, and charity, that’s the way to live successfully. How do I know? The Bible tells me so.” What a wonderful kids song that I remember and tried to live by even as a child. May you have faith, hope, and charity, too. Love, Sharon