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It’s a rainy day in Norwood and I love it. The humidity is still high but not unbearable and we certainly can use the rain. This last week was hot, hot, and too hot!

A couple of times I needed to water the containers of flowers three times a day and they seem to have survived so far but I wasn’t able to save a couple of hanging plants that I had purchased in sad shape.I thought I could bring them back to their fullness but it didn’t work this year. The ‘little Boss” is filling out and lengthening so much that he is almost as big and magnificent as “big Boss.” I definitely will get more ferns next year as Dick and I both are enjoying having them hang around the porch.

Tidbits in cookbooks

With the hot and humid weather I stayed inside more, trying to keep the house cool and comfortable, which was a good week for it because my calendar was quiet. I poked through some old cookbooks and in a Community Cookbook put out in 1980 by the West Potsdam Ladies Auxiliary there were sayings peppered throughout that tend to hit a deeper truth. I wondered if this local common sense with humor added might make a come-back one day. Here are a few. “Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, they’ll never ceased to be amused!” “When all is said and done. More is said than done.” “Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved!” “If I growl all day, I can expect to feel dog tired at night.” ‘A good friend is one who thinks you are a good egg even though you’re slightly cracked!”

Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved

Dick attended a men’s breakfast at church a couple of Saturdays ago and was invited to give his testimony. He always loves to share his faith when asked and how God has worked in his life. He also enjoyed meeting more men in the area. Dick recently acquired a stuffed bear that had no face but sat and looked stately where ever he was put. He asked if any of the local grandchildren might be interested in him and Reagan wanted him instantly giving him the name, Buckwheat. The other day, Dick performed his magic with a needle and thread, giving Buckwheat his eyes, nose, and a mouth. He now has personality with a capital P.

Dick and I went to Hometown for supper Friday and shopping in Massena on Saturday. When I say shopping, it is usually for groceries and needed items on a list. I’m not a shop till you drop kind of person. Don’t have the time. Don’t have the patience. And don’t want to spend the money.

Walking and talking

I’ve been thinking…..that we need a Silver Knight to show up like in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Dick and I were discussing this film recently and came to the conclusion that there were two heroes in that film. Actually three, counting Clarissa. Jimmy Stewart, playing Jefferson Smith, ends up fighting against the establishment (they thought he would be a pushover) as well as the media (who were entrenched with the establishment and had something to lose, too). Clarissa, once part of the corrupt media, begins to help Mr. Smith in his representing of the people and though it looks as if he might lose, the Silver Knight climbs out of his slimy pit and hoists himself upon the truth. He reveals that Jefferson Smith has indeed been telling the truth and that he is the good and honest and faithful man. The Silver Knight helps save the day along with the exhausted yet determined Senator. Truth wins! I have found myself praying that someone somewhere, whether in Congress or in the media, will repent and reveal the horrible lies and coordinated attempts on destroying a person rather than the policy. May they step up and ride in. What a wonderful moment that would be.

The Silver Knight helps save the day along with the exhausted yet determined Senator.  Truth wins!

What is sadder yet, is that friends, acquaintances, and co-workers have seemingly picked up the traits of the corrupt media and establishment. Instead of debating or arguing a policy, they attack the person. It has made me want to unfriend some of my friends, stop reading or watching the news, and hope I don’t run into someone around town. Why? Because I now know what they think of me. I can’t help but wonder if I was standing in front of them would they call me the same things to my face as they do on a post or in an article? Am I really a racist, the lowest common denominator, unreasonable, have my head in the sand, full of hate, etc.? To me that is bullying, which I have no use for, and my respect goes down for bullies. Way down. Respect is earned, Honor is given. I am grateful that God sees us equal, individual, and worth communing with. Wish others felt the same, as I would rather talk face to face and find out how and why you came to your conclusion on a policy issue as well as you listening to how and why I came to mine. Couldn’t we still be friends rather than destroyers of one another? Jesse Owens’ coach said to him, “:If we walk long enough and talk long enough maybe we’ll get to know one another.” He didn’t say agree with one another, but rather know one another. End of my thoughts and rant for today.

I hope that my friends and family have been shown honor whether at the diner, in church, or around town. I don’t want you to think you’re part of a faceless crowd (like the stuffed bear) but instead seen as the unique and special person you are (with eyes, heart, personality, and a voice). I love you. Sharon