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Hello from just over the hilltop in Norwood where we had our first frost Monday evening. I had already started cleaning up the porch, gave away the three Boston ferns, flung one sad stringy impatiens into the compost pile, brought in all the pillows and tablecloths to be washed and put away until spring, and…

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Today is Town Meeting Day in Vermont! But, you say, we are in New York and what does that have to do with us? “Democracy being practiced in its purist form” according to a reporter of times past and I will elaborate on this in the “Kitchen Table Talk” later in the journal. First I…

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Here we are in the last week of September and I have seen Christmas decorations being foisted on me already. Remember when Christmas showed up the day after Thanksgiving and the excitement and hecticness of Christmas thus began? It is hard to get enthused about a holiday that is still three months away although picking…

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