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Here we are in the last week of September and I have seen Christmas decorations being foisted on me already. Remember when Christmas showed up the day after Thanksgiving and the excitement and hecticness of Christmas thus began?

It is hard to get enthused about a holiday that is still three months away although picking up gifts over the summer or throughout the year is great for those who are extremely organized. But having to think about decorating and baking and shopping now causes me to want to banish going to stores until the end of November when I’m then ready to embrace it with full momentum. Until then, I’ll try to look the other way so it won’t spoil my delight in the true Christmas Season.

Geese, birthdays, church suppers

Hello from just over the hilltop on Norwood where another beautiful week of weather, activities, and accomplishments have happened. Speaking of the weather, Thursday was the first day of Autumn and the wind was mostly calm with an occasional light breeze out of the south. That would indicate another warmer than usual next three months for this area. We have seen the evenings cool drastically with very comfortable days and the other day I heard a single goose reminding me that soon the Canadian geese will be moving south. The back field was planted with an identified (at least by me) crop and is yet to be harvested. I wonder if the geese will stop for the remnants of this year’s crop though not the corn they usually get? And I believe the hummingbird may have started her travel southward, as I haven’t seen it in a while.

reminding me that soon the Canadian geese will be moving south

Many family members celebrate birthdays in September and they include our oldest son, Eliot, two grandchildren Garrett and Reagan, and our daughter-in-law Andrea. Their birthdays fall three days in a row with Andrea and Reagan sharing the same day. Happiest of birthdays to each of them!

I helped a little preparing for the Chicken Pie Supper, meeting and working with more ladies from the church. It was a wonderful time and the meal was excellent! Our West Potsdam Retired Ladies luncheon met last week at Denise’s home this time. Everyone was there plus a guest and what a delightful time we have together. Next month I get to host.

Guests and baking

Our weekend guests were here for parent’s weekend at SLU and I usually make snacks for when they get in each evening and cookies to take to their college student. That seems to be a hit and my reason is to bring homemade treats to those away from home. I am a firm believer in “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and it was rewarded when our children went away from home in a strange land. It seems that God brought someone into their life to give them a meal or some baked goods which welcomed and helped them in their transition. Hope I can help students by providing cookies when their parents come to visit.

I am a firm believer in “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you

I am not a late-night person and our guests were the first ones we’ve had to come in after we’ve gone to bed. I didn’t mind. It spurred me to having to think about setting out their evening treat and drink, plus needing to show where other light switches are for turning out the lights when they came in. Just when I think I’ve got everything covered and working smoothly. I get a jolt into new territory. I am enjoying the wonderful people we are meeting and hopefully are making their stay a pleasant memory on North Country people.

Friday Dick didn’t disturb them when he left in the middle of the night to take his turn at a prayer vigil our church was having for our country.  He had signed up for the 3 a.m. hour and was very quiet going in and out.  This was a 24-hour vigil for all who could to go and pray for an hour.  What a special time it was with heartfelt prayers being lifted up for our beloved country.

Work and naps

He is working in Potsdam and had a time frame he was working around. This led him to working longer hours in a day, coming home exhausted and giving me a little concern. Since his surgery and being semi-retired, he finds that a five hour day, four days a week is sufficient and doable. But last week he worked five days of more than six hours a day and Sunday found us both taking an afternoon nap! Then yesterday, we went to lunch on Canton, did a couple of errands and rested again. Today, we are back to work!

I’d rather walk my own path, chart my own course, and not follow a crowd

Dick has also been reading a book on John Adams, which is interesting because I had seen a quote by him (Adams) last week in my readings. “If your actions inspire others to dream more, do more, learn more, and become more, you are a leader.” I’ve not thought of myself as a leader but that quote is definitely a life’s desire of mine as far as inspiring others to reach, grow, and become the most qualified and best in their sphere of life. A great leader is also a great follower and that’s where I tend to fail. I’d rather walk my own path, chart my own course, and not follow a crowd. Oh, that’s it. I guess I will follow a good leader, just not a crowd or the newest trend. Hopefully, I can keep the two separate. I want to be the best that I can be, too.

Well, have a great end of September and I’ll be back next month. Love, Sharon