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Hello from just over the hilltop in Norwood where we had our first frost Monday evening. I had already started cleaning up the porch, gave away the three Boston ferns, flung one sad stringy impatiens into the compost pile, brought in all the pillows and tablecloths to be washed and put away until spring, and even remembered to cover the last of the vibrant marigolds, mums, another beautiful impatiens, and a thriving ivy.

The ivy will be coming back inside soon and the wicker chairs will go to the garage for safe keeping over winter. Yup, I’m feeling good about getting ready for winter plus enjoying the annuals that gave us such a lovely summer garden right here on the porch. Winter indeed will be creeping in soon enough and that is fine with me, for we are getting prepared for it.

Baking and painting

I had a special order for a few baked goods last week and then a request for apple pies for our friend Joe’s retirement party on Sunday. It is good to know what to bring when no gifts are desired. We had a wonderful time at the party though we knew only a few people. But that’s not a problem….just start talking!

Dick is painting next door and it is a joy to watch him work. I usually only see the finished product and not always the process. His movements are like an artist proficient and precise with the brush. Today he is running the lift to get the highest trim and windows finished. He continues to impress. And he walks home for lunch!


The women’s class is going well and we have just one session left. I will miss the ladies, but maybe they will ask questions or input if they have any struggles with putting practical application to the principles and lessons we’ve talked about. It has been a pleasure preparing and teaching these things dear to my heart.

Sunday, the children presented their Bible verses and songs with exceptional attitudes and skill. They sang beautifully and clearly. Their sign language skills also excelled. Dick and I were so proud of them and I think the congregation was, too. We had an average of thirteen children ranging from ages four through eleven. Such good memories and good times.


Our granddaughter, Cheyenne, got her driver’s license on Monday, which doesn’t seem possible. But the years do slip by ad they grow into young adults while you’re still wondering what old is suppose to feel like. We certainly don’t feel old, just slow sometimes. As the grandchildren reach milestones in their life, we too, are reaching other milestones in ours. Congratulations, Cheyenne. Enjoy and stay safe.

I’ve been thinking and wondering lately about ………..a mailman’s uniform. This summer we have had several new or fill-in mailmen and women but they don’t look like mailmen. Oh, I know: “I’m old fashioned.” But baggy shorts and t-shirts don’t cut it for a professional look in my book and may make for sloppy work. Well, they say clothes make the man, but I wonder if man makes the clothes and when he is dressed properly, he walks confidently, works conscientiously, and represents the company proudly, Is there anything wrong with that? Well, that’s my thought this week and it is not really a complaint, just an observation of the summer’s mail carriers. I miss the uniforms.

The leaves are fading fast and in more ways than one. They didn’t have much color so far and are dying already and drifting to the ground. But I am enjoying the sounds of scuffling them under foot with their earthy smell. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells around you during this glorious season. Love, Sharon