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It is now Wednesday and I am at the church waiting for the gentleman that will tune the piano. Dick, Glenn, and a couple of workers moved it on Saturday. It is so beautiful just to look at. Thank you, Lord, for this blessing and to Glenn for the gift of using it. I am looking forward to hearing its sound after the tuning.

Writing the date this morning and seeing memories of pictures and stories of this tragic day, takes me back to the farm where we lived at that time. We too were in shock and spent the day focused on the events that unfolded as our world seemingly changed from an innocent lifestyle of trust to one of realizing there is an enemy that wants to destroy us and our way of living. We who believe in a God who is all knowing, all powerful, and all seeing, called upon God knowing He was there in the midst of our pain and despair.

Loss of any kind takes our focus away from ourselves temporarily and into the realm of why. Some answers we may never know here on earth, but reaching deep in our faith enables us to continue on and process our emotions to some degree. We can then begin healing and moving forward, though we never forget. I say that about all loss and tragic events in one’s life. It could be loss of a baby, health, marriage, job, business, family member, etc. And on this day, eighteen years ago, it included all of those. May we never forget and never lose hope for the future. Keep the faith or as my father-in-law used to say “Keep your chin up.” “There is a time for every purpose under the heaven” as Ecclesiastes reminds us.

Keep the faith or as my father-in-law used to say “Keep your chin up.

Mr. Whitesell is here now and the individual sounds of notes are ringing as he works his way through the keys bringing this beautiful piano to tune. He said it was built around 1890 and the strings may be fragile. I am praying they survive and come to life again like the story of the old violin; happy to be used and appreciated once more.

There are personal treasures that grandparents wrap into their hearts and often burst with pride. When Garrett and Heidi were visiting a few weeks ago, we needed to leave the house before them. Usually when they leave Grandpa (Dick) brings the bears Lester and Dingy to the porch railing so they can wave as the car goes down the driveway and the grandchildren can see them one more time. As we were leaving and waving so-long that morning, there was Garrett holding Lester on the railing waving to us! Garrett’s smile was greater than Lester’s head. We laughed. Then when we got home that evening and when I reached in the mailbox for our day’s mail, out came a folded picture that had been colored and signed by Heidi. I was smiling ear to ear. Stepping into the living room, Lester and Dingy had been lain in an exhausted pose together on the couch indicating that they were tired from their playtime with grandchildren. Garrett had posed them for Grandpa to see. We both laughed again. How we love that he is developing imaginary conversations and acting with the puppet and bears.

This last Sunday before church, Reagan gave us a picture he had made in Sunday School for grandparents day. I didn’t even remember there was a day for grandparents. Isn’t it everyday? Anyway, it was a tree with the leaves made with his hands of seven years in four different colors. An autumn tree in all its beauty and it is now hanging on the refrigerator with Heidi’s picture.

New Changes

Friday evening we picked up Dick’s new-to-us van and coming home the right front brake started overheating. The caliper had stuck and was smoking, so we let it cool down by having a bite to eat at Burger King, then carefully drove it home. Nathan and Josh came over Saturday and replaced it. We now don’t need to share one vehicle but we may exchange his for mine and demote the Caravan to the work vehicle. The new one is a Town and Country in much better shape. So, we’ll see what happens.

Dick has arrived at the church and he will be here while the tuning gets finished. I will head over and open the bookstore and am expecting a delivery for special orders and a visit from friends that are helping with a project. Then I’ll get caught up on displays, dusting, etc., and I may even finish the journal.

the days fly when this time of year arrives but I am loving it

I’m back and it is almost time to close the bookstore. Some projects got done with always more to go. Did I tell you that writer’s group started again last Thursday and our weekly guest at the bed and breakfast is back? What wonderful writings everyone had worked on over the summer and it was good to be back together again. A couple of people are working on books and we get to hear the chapters first and hopefully help with feedback and inspiration. Good times and good people.

How fast the days fly when this time of the year arrives but I am loving it. The roses were late with only a few in early summer but I now have four beautiful blooms to enjoy each time I walk by them. Yes, I smile at them, too.

Many are remembering September 11 and my heart has been solemn and sober for much of the day. Partly because of the direction “we the people” have traveled in seemingly spreading apart instead of binding together. My prayer and hope is that we will focus on what binds us together instead of what separates us. It was so before 9-11; can it be so again? My love to each of you, Sharon