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We have been inundated with huge flocks of “rockin’ robins!” They have been picking the seeds in the buckthorn (Dick calls it a witch tree) and are chattering in the early morning. A woodpecker is making his presence known by the chips at the base of one of the driveway maples, and the squirrels are running and scampering along the rail fence and from tree to tree. Spring is in the air just over the hilltop in Norwood. What a joyful time this is.

The days are rolling along full of activities and get-togethers. That is why I’m two days late with my writing. On top of the usual choir practice and Bible studies, we’ve had writers’ group, the West Potsdam Retired Ladies luncheon at Eilene’s, a movie and pot luck supper at church, my friend Judi over for tea, and delivered a meal to another friend whose husband had a knee replacement.

I was honored to accompany Jim with his violin as we played “Beyond the Sunset

Sunday I was honored to accompany Jim with his violin as we played “Beyond the Sunset” for special music at church. That was a first for me and I was pleased to have been asked. Besides, I love that song.

Monday night we went to the Roberts Wesleyian Wind Ensemble at church and was blessed by this young group of talented musicians. It was my great pleasure to fix them breakfast Tuesday morning, also at the church, and Dick called me Snow White and her Six Dwarfs. Several men from church came to help serve and feed the 44 musicians and we sent them off full and satisfied back to the school.

Coming home

Monday night after the concert we went to Eric’s because our far away, youngest son Ethan and his friend Neil were arriving from a trip from California to Baltimore where they spent a couple of days with the Honor Flight Society leaders. After completing presentations and meetings, and showing the documentary “The Unknowns,” they rented a car and headed to Vermont to visit Ethan’s oldest brother, Eliot. From there they visited his Grandma Elliott, his great Uncle Bob, (they wanted to film him and ask questions concerning their next film project), went snowboarding with Ethan’s nephew Byron at Mt. Snow, and then came to the North Country to visit his brother Eric and us.

a more traveled and exciting life than we

They were only able to stay one night, leaving Tuesday afternoon to get downstate to visit both of Ethan’s sisters and then back to Baltimore for their flight home on Wednesday. I guess Ethan and Neil live a more traveled and exciting life than we, but I wouldn’t be able to keep that pace any longer. They are still young and full of energy – though quite sore from the ski slope. It was so good to see him for it has been over a year since the last visit. Both boys (to me they are still boys) looked great, are excited about their next film project, and we were grateful for any time we have with them. Neil is like another son and hopefully he felt at home and a part of the family.

Free days

I now have six straight days with nothing on my date book calendar. Even our weekly guest is on school break so I am slowly working on various projects and piles again, planning a small ladies retreat, and trying to work on more family ancestry. The lengthening daylight does wonders for any disposition and I’m soaking it in as well as the warm sunshine.

Have a great week enjoying this gorgeous sunshine and warmth filling the day with joy and promise. Lovingly, Sharon