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Hello from the cool, sunny hilltop in Norwood. It’s time to warm the kitchen with soups, muffins, and cookies. It’s time to put away the gardens and lawn furniture.  And it’s time to gather with family and friends.

Please don’t follow me in the area of identifying fruits, vegetables, or flowers. My ability to identify unknown species that I didn’t grow up with or around, is very challenging and doesn’t yield much good fruit. Oh, you may laugh along with me at my ignorant attempt of study on various plants. Yes, I laugh at myself and even get frustrated when I think I’ve learned something only to realize it’s not so. Give me a kitchen with ingredients and utensils and I feel very much at home. The yard and garden – not so much.

Garden and Deer

Anyway, the “cherries” I have waited and waited for to ripen appear to actually be crab apples. I wondered why cherries were ready in the store but mine weren’t. I figured they had been imported and mine delayed but oh, what a surprise. I wonder if the deer will help themselves?

two beautiful does ventured across the lawn near the driveway

Speaking of deer, two beautiful does ventured across the lawn near the driveway gingerly watching and then leaping across route 56 at 9 o’clock the other morning. I was surprised to see them and still admire their beauty but wished them on their way speedily. Dick was able to enclose the wrap-around porch on Monday and it not only gives a lovely finished look but the deer will not be able to bed down under it this fall and winter.

This morning on the way to church I saw a bluebird land in a maple overhanging the road. What a beautiful sight that I haven’t seen in many years. Shortly after, a flock of geese were flying over us squawking loudly as they traveled. When we arrived at church there was a gorgeous blue ’67 Mustang parked in the lot. Even though we were late for church, I fawned over and around that car for a while. Isn’t it interesting that we can admire God’s beautiful creation seen all around us and we can also admire man’s lovely creations. It was a wonderful start to the day.

Baking for others

The West Potsdam Retired Ladies came to Norwood Thursday and I was delighted to serve them. Such great weather for soups, grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches with chocolate angel food cake and raspberry sauce for dessert. Talking about cakes, our granddaughter, Alysa, made yet another cake for her geography class this time in the shape of the world with the different layers inside and the continents frosted on the outside. She’s really getting into designing and making cakes!

We had many family birthdays this past week including our oldest, Eliot, who is confident, capable, and compassionate. Also our daughter-in-law Andrea and two of the youngest grandsons. I called Garrett on his birthday and he told me he is now three. Reagan, who turned four we’ll see this evening. Often it seems that the days pass so slowly but the years very quickly. Happy birthday to them all.

Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver, and the other, gold.

I made and delivered muffins to thank my neighbor as she has shared vegetables and a vase of sunflowers from her garden this summer. I like my new neighborhood but still miss the old. Is there a song about that? Oh, yes. Dick reminded me, “make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, and the other, gold.”

Precious Memories

Unpacking boxes brings back sweet memories but then the problem of where to put more stuff. I came across Christmas ornaments that were from my Great Grandparents Johanson and Lindtveit. These were the ornaments that we never touched as children for they were placed near the top of the tree for prominence and protection. Dad always hung them first and then we could finish decorating. Now some of them are in my care, though looking very discolored and frail. They are safely tucked in a container and if I use them, it will be with great admiration and fear. Treasured memories for sure. There also was a plate with the church in Marlboro, Vermont, where I had been baptized as an infant. As I grew and faith became personal to me and not just my parents, I was baptized again by immersion as an adult in a church in Massachusetts. How is that objects can bring about such precious memories. So, I will save these “things” to spark discussions and my memory while I enjoy the winter of my life. But I still have much to do and miles to go before I’m sitting on the porch rocking continually. Until then, I’ll press on making new moments of memories.

Enjoy the season of your life making your own precious memories. Love, Sharon