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The moon was lovely this evening as it rose over the eastern sky. The shadows of the naked trees are displayed on the barn and driveway and some of its light glows on the hardwood floor in our bedroom. What an eerie yet intriguing feeling it gives. But my favorite full moons are during the winter months when the shadows are cast on the snow-covered ground.

The golden leaves are falling and now cover the ground like a beautiful lush carpet. The squirrel is leaping around them, the deer running over them, and I am walking and crunching them as often as I can. Isn’t this a glorious time of the year?

More precious memories

Well, I am behind in journal writing, but my computer is back now and I’m trying to get caught up on researching old works and photos, as well as trying to perfect a blog for the Rose of Sharon website. That is a great challenge at the moment. Pete was able to retrieve about 20 photos and that was all from my encrypted information. Because I don’t use my computer for any business purposes there was no personal information taken, only my written documents and photos. My writing has also been interrupted by our staying with the grandchildren Sunday evenings, my usual personal date with myself, but we have so enjoyed our time with them that writing takes second place!

We have been teaching the grandchildren some songs in rounds, reading new books, playing games, watching a movie, and two weeks ago saw the space station go over. They were excited about that and afterward did some more research about the International Space Station. Those that are taking music lessons have played for us on guitar, piano, and violin. Yes, writing can wait while we make some memories.

Falling in Love

Columbus Day weekend is always special for Dick and me as it is the weekend we met. Thirty-three years ago we talked through the night, I beat him in ping pong, we went on a hayride, and I left that retreat knowing that I had just been in the presence of one very special man. I was going through a divorce (being a statistic and a failure was hanging over my head) and yet somehow Dick had given me hope that men could be trusted and maybe I’d take a chance again one day.

fourteen months later we were married

Fourteen months later we were married. Two things we agreed on, as we started our marriage, was that we’d never let the sun go down on our wrath and we’d keep an annual honeymoon and an ongoing honeymoon attitude. We’ve since added two more goals. We try to impress the other (sort of like falling in love every day) and we purpose to take care of each other (which was part of our vows but strenghtened in committment as we have aged). I am looking forward to the next thirty-three years!

Seasonal Treasures

On our way home from church yesterday, we drove by way of Bucks Bridge. Above the Grasse River at the bridge were maybe a couple of thousand geese swarming and not seeming to be moving in any sort of pattern or direction. We stopped and watched for over half an hour while they battled the strong winds determining what strategy to take. I marveled there were no collisions or fights but definitely a lot a squawking and flapping! Eventually several small flocks seemed to gain momentum and flew toward the cornfields in Morley, while most of the geese came in for a landing in the water.

dropped into the water with such graceful precision

Again, what marvelous and magnificent beauty as they circled around gliding over the river, arcing their wings, then gliding again until just before landing when they started flapping their wings rapidly as their feet dropped into the water with such graceful precision. Each goose landed in a clear spot, never touching another, which was amazing to watch, for the river was loaded with hundreds and hundreds of geese. Even now I still marvel that we happened along at the right moment in time to watch this battle of the geese and the winds where it appeared most of the geese decided to stay in town another day.

Enjoy your week as you observe the happenings and goings on in your area. Love, Sharon