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“The falling leaves drift past my window, the autumn leaves of red and gold…..” and today they are being tossed and blown around by the gusting wind. The sound of geese overhead, family and friends gathering, and looking forward to winter are a just few of the reasons autumn is my favorite season.

The corn has been chopped in the fields behind us and I enjoy watching the geese coming in for the landing and then lifting off together with a loud explosion of wings and squawking as they seem to give instruction and direction to each other. There have been seven deer crossing the yard lately and it looks as though some of them might be bedding down in the gardens. Dick trimmed more of the maples, dead lilacs, and honeysuckle yesterday and put the lawn furniture away for the winter as we anticipate the change of season. It appears as though the tiny crabapples are an ornamental apple good only for decorating. Not even the deer seem to be eating them.

Friends and Music

I thought of Mr. Hosmer yesterday when I cut the “Last Rose of Summer” and brought it in to enjoy before we get a hard frost. If I had a recording of that song I would have played it as a reminder of your beautiful concerts and the lovely orchestration of that song. I think your conducting is just as wonderful as my red rose!

A reminder of your beautiful concerts and the lovely orchestration

Our monthly hymn sing was Friday and once again the blessing of old hymns that remind of God’s truths is wonderful to share with others. Each hymn requested seems to have with it a particular meaning for whoever asked for it and helps to deepen my appreciation for the song and for my friends. This week we ended with a favorite of Dave’s, “Over the sunset mountains some day I’ll softly go.  Into the arms of Jesus, He who has loved me so. Over the sunset mountains, heaven awaits for me. Over the sunset mountains. Jesus my Savior I’ll see.” 

Five of our grandchildren!

Sunday evenings Dick and I have been staying with our grandchildren while Eric and Andrea attend one of the Bible studies our church is having. We are enjoying the time with them and last week they and Papa played a lively game similar to chutes and ladders, called the Book Game. As they were loudly yelling out the answers, I made popcorn, sliced apples, and served pumpkin chocolate chip cookies I had made that afternoon. I also did some more prep work for the bed and breakfast. I hope we aren’t getting the grandchildren too wound up or excited before bedtime, but it sure is fun!

Future Generations

I’ve been thinking…… that I didn’t finish telling you why I write. Partly for the future generations for I’ve found that in doing research on my ancestors, I wish there had been more letters, stories, and history of the time period in which they lived. Especially from their perspective. I’m hoping that after I’m gone, if these journals are the only things saved from my belongings, I would be delighted. Future great-greats may stumble on them and get a sense of who I was and how we lived in a world so different from theirs. Also, I want a record that not every family lived the way Hollywood, songs, art, and fashion portray our society. I want them to know that this family loved life, God, each other, and their friends and neighbors. That’s it. Another reason I send out this journal of my life.

to know this family loved life, God, each other

The website for the bed and breakfast is just about done. The brochures and postcards are done. The rooms are done (even found a headboard), and that leaves just a bureau needed for the bath. The right one will find us or we’ll find it at just the right time. I’m getting excited and a little nervous at the same time so, I think I’ll invite some former customers over a few different times so I can brush up on my breakfast skills. Anyone game?

Have a great week and bask in the glory of fall! Love, Sharon