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Hello from “just over the hilltop” in Norwood. Since the last journal we have had rain, rain, and more rain which is bringing out the green on the ground. The maples don’t have any buds yet, but the lilacs have tiny ones just starting. Today we had a little sun and a little warmth and some daffodils opened their beautiful blossoms as if to say, “welcome spring.”

There is a pileated woodpecker in the neighborhood traveling from the swamp across the road to the trees on the hilltop creating quite a noise early in the morning. Yesterday he decided to grace our rotted stump just outside the kitchen window in the evening. What a fun show he put on. Pecking, vibrating, and tossing pieces broken loose from the old stump and then finding that hidden bug to devour. It is amazing just how long the beak is, how strong it is to be able to penetrate the wood, and quick it is in removing debris side to side. His tuft of brilliant red set on top of his lanky head is what caught our attention. It was a joy to watch him just outside on our hilltop.

Fun visits

I forgot to mention last that Dick represented us at the five-year-old birthday party of our Pastor’s and wife’s son, George. The invitation came from George and announced the birthday of “Prince George.” Knowing he loved castles and dragons, Dick made him a crown using pipe cleaners, making the shape of a hand for the front. This was to remind him that he is now a handful. Five years old and a handful. Prince handful. Dick enjoyed the party very much.

watching your children grow, make choices, and not need you anymore can be a little sad

And I forgot to tell you that both Garrett and Heidi camped out downstairs with Papa (Dick) when they visited the week before. Dick has been on the couch since his fall and shoulder injury because he has less or no pain with the shoulder resting against the back of the couch. Anyway, they slept downstairs with him and seemed to enjoy the sleepover. Or should I say, sleepdown?

Sunday afternoon we were able to finally make connections with Eric, Andrea, and the grandchildren and we had a lovely visit at their home. Matthew turned fourteen last week and Eric didn’t have to be on the road with his truck that day. We also enjoyed pizza and watched “Fiddler on the Roof” which makes me cry too much. Watching your children grow, making choices, and not needing you anymore can be a little sad.

Spring cleaning

Dick has been trying to work outside and then the therapist told him not to rake. Right. Well, he claims he was almost done and would not rake after he finished what he’d started. Right. That lasted for just a few days and today he really wanted to finish the side of the driveway where all the shavings and sawdust from the maple that was taken down last fall had made a mess in the neighbor’s yard. He told me he was using the opposite movement while raking so that the front of his shoulder wasn’t being taxed. He was applying the muscles in the back of his shoulder which his exercises are reinforcing. Well, he raked, lifted, and removed eight 30 gallon trash barrels of wet shavings to the pigpile of local debris down in the village. He is very tired but very happy to have that done! I am, too, as he sees the therapist again tomorrow. I wonder if he will tell her?

still working on getting my new life-style into a smooth and well-oiled pattern

I have been blessed by the ladies at writers’ group as they have graciously brought dessert for the group the last couple of meetings to help me out. I think everyone would have had popcorn if they hadn’t. I’m still working on getting my new life-style into a smooth and well-oiled pattern. And I think I can. I think I can. After the store closed Saturday we went to the last-of-the-season movie and pot luck at church. The movie was half over by the time we closed but still enjoyed the time with church family.

I thought it a good time to change the pictures on the www.roseofsharonbnb.com website from winter to spring and summer. I’m thinking the snow scenes should be a thing of the past and we can now move forward to warmer and brighter days. To porch sitting, sunset watching, and flag waving activities that accompany this season. I’m getting excited about the plans for this summer. Guest coming, a family reunion, my brother’s wedding, the birth of another grandchild, and much more.

Enjoy this lovely weather along with the sights and sounds around you. I am. Love, Sharon