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“June is busting out all over” and so is our life! Last week I mentioned time and trying to savor it, work it, and enjoy it: well, these last several days I have accomplished all of that with the time I was given! Before I write of our wonderful last five days let’s back up…

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A gentle breeze swings over the hilltop while I sway in the glider listening to a lonely bird chatting at me, watching two butterflies either fighting or twitterpating, sipping on raspberry iced tea and trying to read Gladys Tabor’s book “Country Chronicle.” The sun’s warmth is perfect especially when sitting under the canopy of the…

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Hello to my family and friends from just over the hilltop where the weather has been as unstable as a broken step ladder. It flips from sunshine for about half an hour to rain for the next hour hour. Then back to sun and on to a thunderstorm. Again to sun and then wind and…

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