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Hello from just over the hilltop. I’m back! It has been a mixture of frustration, excitement, adventure, and glorious happiness all in a few weeks. Changing over computers is definitely a challenge and adventure. Even a little frustrating.

I had my Toshiba laptop for seven years with two major repairs, but it was now working slower and slower and XP was no longer going to support my habit of reading and writing. So, I bit the pocketbook and bought a Hewlett Packard which is bigger in size and bigger and faster in its ability to work. It stores more, definitely loads quicker (the old one took almost an hour each morning before I could use it) and if I can feel as comfortable with this lovely new blue one as I did the old laptop, I will be very, very happy. Eric was able to help me find the moved documents, but now I need his help to transfer my pictures. Sure hope it doesn’t take me another seven years!


A lot has happened including the realization that I have no color in the flower beds during the month of August. Any suggestions are welcome as I miss cutting bouquets for the house and our guests. I saw a deer with her two fawns the other morning. They were high-tailing it across the road from the swamp and on up into the fields out back so I guess they must have been Dick’s surprise that ran past him the night he was watching the meteors fall. Deer are my favorite wild animal so it is a pleasure to see them occasionally here in the village, as long as they are leaving my plants alone.

a good discussion and reminded me of my high school days of movies and soda fountains

Activities included the West Potsdam Retired Ladies luncheon at Ardie’s last month, the men’s breakfast at church for Dick, still practicing the piano with Sharon, much ironing for the bed and breakfast, and a double-date with our friends, Joe and Susan. We went to see the film “Hillary’s America,” playing in Canton, which is very informative, historical, and a little scary. As is Dick’s and my custom, we stood in the theater as our National Anthem began playing and the movie was ending. We made sure we weren’t blocking the people behind us, as we gave honor to a stirring rendition of this song. Afterward we talked over root beer in the sub shop next door about this film along with the state of our country, where are we going, and can it be restored to one nation again. It was a good discussion and reminded me of my high school days of movies and soda fountains.

One evening after dinner out with Dick, there was a recorded message on the phone from our youngest grandson, Sam. His mom was instructing him how to say, “Hi, Grandma, and bye. We’ll talk soon.” I saved the recording just to hear his little loud voice again some day. How quickly they change and grow.

Guest’s gifts

We hosted some lovely and gracious guests recently and found a thank you gift on the bed with an inscribed note. That was a first for us in this bed and breakfast business and a delightful surprise. We had a wonderful visit with them, though their stay here was because of two funerals for family members. We certainly want to be a place a peace and respite for our guests and they must have felt comfortable because they began to yell “we’re home” when they returned each day. I am loving this season of my life and sometimes “strangers can be angels unawares” or better yet – become friends.

sometimes “stranger’s can be angels unawares” or better yet – become friends

Our neighbors on the south lawn let us look at their empty house the other day. They’ve mentioned us buying it but the updates might be too prohibitive for us. The house is beautiful beyond words and built about the same time as ours was. Because of its magnificence we wouldn’t want to divide it into two apartments and I don’t know if a one family dwelling would be affordable after repairs and updates. Anyway, it would make a lovely bed and breakfast but would need many private baths put in. Probably too big of a project for us at this time. We really want to sell the schoolhouse first or use that for another small business. We will keep our options and ideas open!

Traveling along

I’ve been thinking ……. about the call of the train whistle as it travels along the tracks and why it seems to say, “take me away with you.” This is not the same as a “take me away” Calgon Bath commercial. It is almost a whimsical drawing to a land unknown and far away. Even the swaying of the cars along with the metal on metal of the wheels against the tracks, seems to bring a peaceful longing to go somewhere new and exciting: an adventure. No, I’m not ready for another train trip just yet but the call is there! I’m even thinking that I would like to be buried close enough to hear the rumble of the train as it moves along the track and the whistle warning and calling to those that live in the vicinity. I love the joy and delight the train brings several times a day here in our new home and I wonder if there might be trains in heaven. Maybe?

Have a great week getting carried away in your dreams and aspirations. Love, Sharon