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It is a beautiful sunny day on the hilltop with dandelions bursting forth across the yard in glorious yellows that pop against the lush green of the new grown grass. God puts together gorgeous pictures daily for me as I go about my day’s work. Early in the morning the cardinals brighten the view while robins hop about listening and looking for their food, and the squirrels scamper and jump up and down the driveway. I delight in nature’s activity.

My voice returned in time for singing in “That 60’s Show” Friday evening. What a blast it was! There were many acts ranging from a two-year-old performing with her sister and friends, a five-year-old girl excellently skipping to “Let’s Go Fly A Kite,” the sixth grade band belting out “Twist and Shout,” two friends flawlessly imitating “Soul Man,” by Sam and Dave, and many, many more. It was wonderful to hear the old songs and the Norwod-Norfolk Community Chorus ended the evening with a medley of theme songs from TV shows. I’m still find myself singing Gilligan’s Island and Green Acres!

Tools for building character

Dick has the walls and rafters up on his addition and he has found used doors, two free and one for twenty dollars. I don’t know how he discovers all his treasures but he keeps an eye out continually and is blessed beyond measure. He loves to reuse and re-purpose items.

Tools make wonderful toys

Our grandson Matthew turned twelve last week and we gave him a set of pliers and adjustable wrenches so he can putter on his machines and maybe acquire an interest in mechanics. Tools make wonderful toys.

Ethan’s movie about “The Unknowns” is ready for release in time for Memorial Day. Please check out the website, www.theunknownsmovie.com for a screening near you. There are about 79 theaters scheduled to show it. The company handling the films distribution works on a pre-paid basis. That means the theater needs to have sold a certain amount of tickets by a particular date in order for the movie to definitely be shown. Order your tickets on-line and help this documentary hit the theaters nation wide. You will not be charged for the tickets if not enough are sold. So, invite anybody and everybody you know and we’ll see you at the movies! The closest one to us is in Watertown at Salmon Run Mall on Memorial Day.

Gracious guests

The bed and breakfast has kept me hopping and I’m loving it. We had wonderful guests over the weekend including a former customer of the diner from Illinois. He used to come to the diner once or twice a year when visiting his daughter and family. Upon hearing about our new venture, he wanted to come and stay a night, both to support us and to have my cooking again. He still calls me “mom” and I don’t mind. He and his friend were joined for breakfast by his daughter and husband taking advantage of my postcard Bed and Breakfast special for former customers. It was such a special time and I love sitting at the feet of those whose experiences and wisdom teach me so much. We visited over rhubarb pie and molasses cookies. Both Larry and Bonnie have such sweet spirits and encouraging words. What a blessing they were.

Our home became a bustling hubbub of people coming and going

Today in now May 10 and again I say, “Hello.” Our home became a bustling hubbub of people coming and going that I never finished last week’s journal. We had several last minute guests that had come in for a funeral and stayed Tuesday through Friday. Then our guests with previous reservations were here for the weekend. It appears we did an all right job, because the comments were very complimentary. We had one suggestion for written directions on how to use the old television and vhs/vcr in the Rose room. This young couple wanted to watch one of Dick’s favorite movies, “The Incredibles,” but couldn’t figure how it worked. A good idea for another information sheet.

“Nothing Gold Can Stay”

I will cut this week’s journal short, actually combining two weeks in one and maybe adding my thoughts next week. I want to end with Robert Frost’s poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay.” I’ve been thinking about this as I gaze across the valley and watch the golden-green of spring burst forth in glorious beauty.

“Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.”

May you enjoy these golden days of spring and the flowers yet to come. Love, Sharon