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Hello to my dear family and friends from “just over the hilltop.” The other morning while washing dishes and listening to a playlist from the former Mom’s Schoolhouse Diner, the song “Forty Shades of Green” came on. I glanced out the window to see how our green measured up. I noticed we may not have forty shades like Ireland, but the variety of greens here over the hilltop are simply marvelous.

I’m glad that the grass, the leaves, the plants, etc. are not just one beautiful bright but boring color. The various shades help make the hilltop pop and seem alive with color, though it is mostly greens at the moment. What a wonderfully perfect backdrop of color for the featured flowers yet to come. The violets and dandelions are popping up all over the lawn and the lily-of-the-valley has tiny bells waiting for just the right moment to ring out the good cheer that “spring is here indeed!”

Retired and tired

Thursday the West Potsdam Retired Ladies came to my place for our monthly luncheon. There were seven of us with so much to catch up on that we talked until 4:00! One lady had just returned from her winter in the south, one from traveling to take her back and forth, one back from time in Boston with her grandchildren, and one from a vacation to the west coast and midland visiting dear friends. This is a very special group of ladies and I have been blessed to get to know them more and more. In June we’ll be back in West Potsdam at Ardie’s.

Friday I baked pies for the men at church, Dick finished his work at the Arlington in Potsdam, and by Sunday we both slept most of Mother’s Day away. Oh, well. We had nothing else planned and must have needed to stop and rest. That morning the choir sang “Whispering Hope” and the children at church were so sweet as they passed out carnations to all the mothers.

the children were so sweet as they passed out carnations to all the mothers

Mother’s Day can be difficult for some people as they may be single, maybe don’t have children, have lost children, or lost their mothers. But the reason behind this special day set aside to honor Mothers, is really a reminder of the commandment to honor your mother and father, whether or not you are a mother, single, male or female. And it is the first commandment with a promise: long life. Honoring our mothers should be a daily pleasure, not because she has done something special, but because she is something special.

Making Memories

That evening Dick and I finally took time to watch the finalized version of “THE UNKNOWNS.” Ethan’s documentary about the soldiers who honor the Unknowns, day in and day out, is quite moving and their dedication to this task beyond measure. If you haven’t seen this remarkable film, I urge you to find it at your library, at the store in Arlington if you happen to visit for the changing of the guard, or The Unknowns Movie website. It is very emotional and extremely informative.

is quite moving and their dedication to this task beyond measure

Once again we went to watch the local grandchildren last night and once again, though this time it was at their request, they wanted “show and tell” time. They each were prepared with their presentations and we were honored they wanted to stand and talk to us. Jessika says she enjoys this much better than on a stage. The thing is: this can help prepare her for “on the stage” when that day comes. After show and tell we were treated to a private recital with their musical instruments (guitar, violin, flute, piano, and recorder) and then we sang many songs together while Grandma (that would be me!) played the piano. That was followed with Papa reading more of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” and their parents came home before we made popcorn. We were having so much fun we weren’t watching the clock, so, next time we’ll make the popcorn before Papa starts reading.

I’ll sign off for now and wish “forty shades of green” in your life this week. Love, Sharon