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Today we are getting flurries at the moment, but last week we had our January thaw without winter’s freeze and snow. The temperatures were in the forties and fifties, which melted the base of ice in the driveway. Dick chopped and scraped, helping the warm sunny days to get rid of all the icy condition.

It has been an interesting year so far, with basically one snowfall combined with freezing rain. I am still rejoicing in the mild season, although I realize it is hard on the ski areas. My sympathies to them for a rough year so far.

Dick and I ended our twelve days of Christmas, reflecting on God’s goodness to us in 2015 and looking ahead with hope that this coming year will be successful as we press on with our dreams and goals.

Dreams coming to fruition

One of the highlights of our whirlwind of a week with Ethan was being his chauffeur and listening to his business manners while finalizing his work back in California and preparing for the three pre-screenings of THE UNKNOWNS here in New York and Vermont. The Tuesday event, held at Christian Fellowship Center, was well attended and included wonderful questions and suggestions. There were many home-schooling families with their children, several of his Civil War Re-enactors, childhood friends and neighbors, as well as honored veterans who gathered to see this documentary giving honor to the Unknowns and the soldiers who perform this task.

He stood tall, at attention, eyes fixed straight ahead

The climax of the week was the showing on the second largest theater screen in Vermont at the Bellows Falls Opera House on Thursday. It was amazing with more family, old friends, a former Tomb Guard who served with Ethan, a friend who flew out from Califonia to support him, and many dedicated members of the community turning out to see this movie. People drove up to three hours and I don’t think they were disappointed. Ethan was asked if he might demonstrate his walk on stage. He did. Then someone asked if he remembered line six of the Sentinels Creed. He stood tall, at attention, eyes fixed straight ahead, and recited the whole creed, bringing the audience to its feet in appreciation for his service at the Tomb and for making this extraordinary tribute to “those known only to God.”

Ethan’s mother thanks you. His father thanks you.  And Ethan thanks you.

A special thank you goes to Ethan’s siblings, Eliot, Eric, Karen, and Kate along with their spouses and families, who hosted these events, paid for his ticket to get here, and listened endlessly to his anxious yet enthusiastic talking about this project. Another special thanks to all who came to see the film, bring someone, or give financially toward the effort to finish this by May. “Ethan’s mother thanks you. His father thanks you. And Ethan thanks you.” (from Yankee Doodle Dandy)

Home sweet home

Did you know that gas is only $1.97 in Vermont? At one place it was $1.91, so we filled up the tank while there! Dick and I drove over to visit my mom prior to the showing to check on her and see how she’s doing. She has been in much pain for a few months hardly able to move and finally has an appointment in Lebanon, NH. with a back specialist. It looks like she will have surgery and her doctor says she’ll be back in motion and active again soon. That is good news.

It is always good to get back home and Ethan’s presence and movie showings reminded me once again of something Abraham Lincoln had said. “I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.” Ethan – we are so proud of you!

Have a wonderful week and I’ll be see you next Tuesday from just over the hilltop. Love, Sharon