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“Floyd,” the pink wooden flamingo hanging in the Norway maple, had a blast the last couple of days as the wind blew and blew for almost 28 hours straight. He was laughing and laughing as his feet and scarf were whipping around in the blustery weather with the wind gusts reaching about 55 miles per hour. He hung on tight and today is basking in the sunlight. (In the picture it looks as though his head is in the clouds.  I couldn’t figure out how to scroll him down to a better view.)

We are thankful he didn’t fly away, we didn’t lose power, and had no place to go but stay inside. What a typical north country winter we are having; meaning each year is unique and unpredictable. And no, I’m not sick of it yet. Such power and beauty God gives each season and I want to live each season rejoicing and not complaining.

We had another ice storm Sunday morning which was just a year from the one that arrived last February when Dick took his fall off the cement steps injuring his right shoulder. We decided that we would not go out to “see” if all was well, for we could see the ice hanging off the grills of the vans. Then the temperature began to rise, and rise, and rise and by the time we would leave for church all was melted and it was safe to venture out.


Last week the writers’ group finally met since our last early December meeting and we had a wonderful meeting that reviewed, assessed, and reset our purpose for getting together. Everyone here definitely wanted to continue and we set up some ideas for a purposeful meeting. We have been encouraged to write down our personal goals and expectations for our own writing: whether we want to be critiqued, just listened to, accountability for completing a project, help with publishing, and if we want to critique others. We talked about those that want critiquing will bring a printed copy of their work for those that want to take home, read, and encourage and return the next meeting. We were all encouraged by the positive feedback and direction the group wants to go. Keep writing.

Saturday the bookstore hosted a workshop with Jane Ault on “The Joy of Prayer Journaling.” This was a wonderful insight on developing a relationship with God through His word and writing your thoughts, questions, and confessions that no-one else is to see. Over the years it helps to see personal growth and maturity in our walk with the Lord as well as seeing possible “blind spots” in our own life. We may host it again in the fall as the content was quite valuable.


Our oldest son, Eliot, stopped by to stay Wednesday after the truck he was going to be driving had some shifting issues and had to be grounded in the garage for repairs. I was sorry that he had driven all the way up to help Eric and couldn’t, but blessed that he was able to spend an evening and overnight with us again. Hopefully, the truck can get fixed soon but the garage hasn’t been able to get it in the shop yet. Each vocation has its ups and downs and right now a truck is down and waiting in line.

Many years ago I was told that if your Christmas wreath was still green and fresh looking it could stay up until March 1. I don’t know if that was from an Emily Post’s Etiquette book or how the date was given as an appropriate time to take down decorations, but it has worked for me all my adult life. Only once or twice did a wreath turn brown quickly and needed to be taken from its “welcome to my home” spot. As March 1st approaches I am sadly bringing in and down the last of winter’s joy to soon be replaced by spring colors. As I wrote above, I’m not ready for winter to end but I realize that there is a time for everything and now is the time for everything to go to the attic. The fake and real wreaths, wooden and stuffed snowmen, and the hanging pine cones. BUT…..the sled can stay and the candles in the window will stay until the middle or end of March. Enjoy the rest of this season and look forward to a bright Spring. Love, Sharon