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Hello from your friend just over the hilltop in Norwood. I am soaking up the beautiful warm days with visits to the porch, swinging on the hill watching the sun go down, and preparing for a visit from our daughter Karen and her family this weekend. We will have a family picnic (family that is local) at the Norwood Beach on Sunday.

Just because I don’t turn the calendar on August 1st doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy this month. I do. And I did. I changed the calendar from July to August around the 5th because I was getting calls for the bed and breakfast and mixing up the dates. I was still looking in July when they wanted August. So this year I needed to change it earlier than usual. Just wanting you to know I love August…….I just don’t wish to see it on a calendar any sooner than need be. The rest of the year seems to go faster and faster once August gets rolling.

More guests

We once again have had wonderful guests and have enjoyed their stories and life’s history or occupation as they travel to the North Country for various reasons. Last week both of our guests were originally from this area: one down the street and one from West Potsdam. It was a pleasure meeting and hosting them.

Saturday morning while our guest was eating breakfast with her two brothers who were invited to join her, I heard the lovely sound of a Harley engine and raced to the kitchen window to see our friend and former customer of the diner turning his bike around in the driveway. How exciting! Not the bike – but him – The Pat D. from Long Island! Well, I do love the rumble of a Harley but as you know my heart is in convertibles. It is always a wonderful surprise to have him stop by when he visits his relatives. My Aunt Litty calls these driveway visits because the short visit usually takes place in the driveway on a weekend drive. But we were able to get Pat into the kitchen for a little sit-down visit. I love when people stop by.

love the rumble of a Harley, but as you know, my heart is in convertibles

It has been a year since I began playing with Sharon at church. I must and will say it has been a blessed year. I am even helping her with playing for the choir several times a month and loving it. Right now I am also working on and developing a woman’s class for this fall which will cover the seasons of a woman’s life, loving our husbands, loving our children, training and nurturing our children, accepting personalities and building character, home and time management and making your home a place of hospitality where God is honored and others are served, I am so looking forward to this class which will meet for six weeks. There will be both a morning and an evening class. If you know anyone interested, have them give me a call. We would love to have them join us.

Road work

I’ve been thinking ………. how much I love the sounds, smells, and changes in road construction. Driving through Burnham’s Corners while the crews have been working there this summer, brought back memories of my Dad. The smell of hot tar, dirt, grease, and oil, gas and diesel fumes, the sweat of the workers, and the humming and sometimes grinding of the trucks as the drivers skillfully and precisely put their equipment just where needed. Even the banging of the tailgate brings a smile to my face.

the humming and sometimes grinding of the trucks as the drivers skillfully and precisely put their equipment just where needed

My Dad was in road construction so I grew up around ten-wheelers, bulldozers, graders, and backhoes. I hadn’t realized until driving by these sounds, smells, and smiles of the road crew, that my childhood has some special memories. When traveling on Interstates 91 and 89 in Vermont along with other side roads, I think of and thank my Dad for his hard work, dedication to progress, and provision for our family. He helped build those roads!

Thank you, Lord, for our senses that can take us back in time to such fond memories. May your memories of childhood be revived with the sights, sounds, and smells of something familiar around you. Love, Sharon