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Emma Beatrice Hisert was born last evening around 11 pm. Her parents are Chad and Kate and she has a big sister, Cheyenne and a big brother, Samuel. Emma is our fifteenth grandchild!

Last week we went down to stay at Kate’s and Chad’s as Kate had been put on bed rest because of high blood pressure leading to preeclampsia. Cheyenne was away in Cape Cod deep sea fishing (we missed her), but two and a half year old Sam kept us very active. He calls grandpa “pop pop” and the two of them played trains, read books, and made the cars talk. Sam and I did general everyday stuff and went for walks. It was good to get Kate caught up and ahead on household duties while Dick put down a floor in a shed for them that will be used for storage.

We stayed out in our old camper, bringing back sweet memories of our years together in it at the schoolhouse. Marriages can get stronger even in small spaces and with only a few earthly goods around you. To be honest, we are glad those days are over, but they hold wonderful and precious memories.

While we were at Kate’s, Karen and Jami and the grandchildren came over to see us and Karen also helped with keeping Kate in bed. Meals, baking, laundry, keeping Sam occupied, and helping where needed turned out to be a very special visit.  Emma is now here and both Kate and baby are doing great.


Coming home on Friday evening we collided with a storm system containing high winds, torrential downpours, thunder and lightning and some hail. We stopped and parked at the intersection of Routes 812 and 3 in Harrisville, but after a while and listening to the radio warnings, we decided to continue on very slowly. On their fastest dial, the windshield wipers did their very best to keep my view open while I drove on into Harrisville. We pulled into the Stewart’s Station and waited for the storm to pass and the skies to brighten. It did. So on we went only to reach another storm, or maybe the same system, in Gouverneur. Thankfully it was without the high winds and only heavy rain where the wipers didn’t have to be on high speed. The lightning was still frequent and bright and eventually we pulled into our driveway. I was so happy, happy, happy to be no place but home! And I had seen enough lightning to last me several years. It was still raining so hard that we left most of our belongings until morning to unload. Home. I love it.

Saturday we got ready for our weekend guests and were thankful they were repeats. I had frozen chocolate chip cookies for their treat before our trip to Fort Plain, and only needed to finish getting the bathroom ready and a few groceries for their breakfast. Dick and I went to lunch at the Hometown Cafe and returned in time to greet them as they reached the porch door. God’s timing is always amazing and He seems to give me enough time for the details and life’s pleasure’s, too.

Sunday drives

Sunday afternoon we crashed for a while then took a ride to visit a friend who had had surgery while we were gone. We explored some back roads and found a lovely section of the north country we hadn’t yet discovered. This is a beautiful area and we are blessed to live here just over the hilltop where the sunsets are gorgeous and the meadow is peaceful. Where you can take a drive in various directions and find new treasures hidden in the backwoods. Thank you, Lord, for this beautiful country.

Guess I’ve rambled long enough about our week away from the hilltop and now I’m preparing for a week of guests at the bed and breakfast. So. I’ll leave you with a quote from the West Potsdam Ladies cookbook. “Help me to reach out to others who may be just as scared as I am.” I was a little scared for Kate and baby Emma and very scared of the violent storm, but I faced it and reached out to the One who sees and cares for us all. Thank God for the results.

Have a great week. Love, Sharon