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Winter fun and family gatherings can be a delightful combination in January. We had canceled our family Christmas due to the weather and so many having to travel during the deep freeze but it turned out to be a blessing because this past weekend was perfect for getting together.

Twenty-six members of the Bastille-Morse family gathered at Kate’s and Chad’s farm downstate for, as four-year-old Garrett said, “the best party.” Dick and I stayed at Karen’s and Jami’s about half an hour from Kate and drove back and forth. Everyone else stayed overnight at Kate’s. There was sledding and snowball fights with Sam and his bare hands (hates mittens) making the tiniest snowball and Matthew making the largest. I was not a good shot with snowballs and need more practice! This is a side note but it was a nice feeling to see so many of them wearing the hats I made and gave them last year.

Family fun

the squeals of delight and laughter of the small grandchildren swirling around on their plastic sleds

The squeals of delight and laughter of the small grandchildren swirling around on their plastic sleds was beautiful music on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The older helped the younger and they spent a couple of hours playing in the snow. After dinner, which Lori had organized and everyone brought dishes to share, we played Yankee Swap. What laughter and fun as popular gifts get taken away but everyone was a good sport and participated right down to Sam the three-year-old. Dick and I had given the grandchildren and great grandchild wild socks this year and had them put them on. We then tried to have a photo shoot. Fourteen grandchildren and one great grandchild obliged me and helped make this evening extra special.

Sunday we went back to Kate’s for lunch and to say good-bye to family leaving for home. We stayed until Monday and made it home just before the freezing rain began. It is always good to go for a visit, but it is also good to get back home and on the regular routine. While at Karen’s, we watched Garrett, Heidi, and Elsa Friday night for a while so they could have a date and do some shopping. Papa and Garrett watched “The Incredibles” while Heidi and I talked as I started helping with the laundry pile. Karen is starting to feel better and looks good as she enters the second trimester of this pregnancy. So glad to be able to help a little while there.

Couch travels

I forgot to say hello from just over the hilltop in Norwood but I guess you know who is writing. Before traveling downstate we took our couch trip to Ireland which was another beautiful place to visit if one likes to fly. Dick would enjoy that trip as part of his family heritage is from County Kerry, Ireland. Maybe one day. He also had a follow-up at the doctor’s office and all is well. He is starting back on the other medication and though he’d prefer not to, it will help keep his cholesterol balanced.

We went into Canton last Wednesday to have lunch at the Asian Buffet, do a few errands, and stop by the County Clerk’s office to get our DBA (doing business as) for the bookstore. We decided to name it the Tree of Life Christian Bookstore and the lady who was witnessing our signatures was glad because she will be wanting gifts for a first communion and was helpful with suggestions for this special occasion. We stopped by for our permit from the code officer in Potsdam but he had gone home for the day. We’ll try again this week or next.

the sun may not be shining but we can bring sunshine to those around us

Now on to filling out for the sales tax and continuing to find suppliers for our inventory. If you think of us, please pray for wisdom in purchasing the inventory and finding local crafters who may have gifts available that would match the store’s intent. We have begun designing the interior layout and getting excited about possibly being open by mid March or the first of April.

There’s not much more to say today but to have a great week, enjoy the lengthening days, and brighten the corner where you are. The sun may not be shining but we can bring sunshine to those around us just by listening, sharing, smiling, or meeting a need. Yes, “brighten the corner where you are.” I’m trying to. Love, Sharon