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Hello from just over the hilltop in Norwood where the days are lengthening and the sun is higher in the sky. The shadows of the trees on the snow last night from the light of the full moon were amazing.

I love the winter shadows and how brilliant the snow seems at night. Plus it warmed up overnight and according to an Amish neighbor of years ago, if it warms up over the full moon then the next month will be warmer than usual. We’ll see if his predictions are right.

Last Tuesday I baked 187 baking powder biscuits for the Methodist Church supper and spent most of Wednesday making the chicken and gravy. I had a wonderful time meeting and working with several ladies of the church and I brought along some of the fifties music from the diner to help me concentrate and stay energized for the long day. It has been over two years since standing all day in a kitchen! It worked and even the ladies sang along as we cleaned and closed up that night. Dick came and helped with dishes, visited with people, and even waltzed with me in the kitchen to Elvis and the ladies singing, “Love Me Tender.” It was a very special day and I hadn’t realized just how much I miss the diner and working in a kitchen. Thank you to my friend, Laurinda, for the opportunity to cook for this fundraiser.

Winter storms

We had an ice storm last week on top of a heavy wet snowstorm which resulted in the most beautiful fairy-like landscape. The sun caused the crystals of ice to glisten and sparkle like thousands of diamonds making it so magical and breathtakingly beautiful. I found myself staring outside in awe for much of the day afraid that it would melt too fast but also enjoying the beauty. Winter can be a lovely season.

sun caused the crystals of ice to glisten and sparkle like thousands of diamonds

But the weekend before the temperatures dropped way below zero and didn’t come above for a couple of days. That resulted in Dick’s helping friends with frozen water pipes which can be a trial and not so much beauty. One house was repaired in two days but the other he’s still trying to trace the culprit. Maybe the weather will help soon and all will be well again.

Writers’ group met Thursday with a good group of us and the collection of styles and topics are amazing. I so look forward to this evening twice a month. Then on Friday we led the Bible study at Eric’s and once again delighted in the sweet fellowship of various ages and insights into the scriptures. We are studying the gospel of Matthew, sing a couple of choruses with the children, pray for one another, and then talk and eat after. It is another high-point of the month.

That’s life

On our way to and from Eric’s our heater in the van decided not to work. This resulted in my getting chilled and not feeling warm again until Monday. I am so thankful for soft afghans, cream of wheat cereal, Vitamin C, and naps. I gratefully didn’t get sick and we found that we can get some heat if we keep the blower on low. Will probably need to get it checked out sometime soon, but spring is coming.

I will cling to the tightly to the trunk and be “kept safe till the storm passes by

I’ve been thinking …….. about the branches of the maples and the evergreens as they bent toward the ground from the weight of the snow and ice. It reminded me that often the cares, stresses, concerns, and sickness in my life can cause my body to feel weighted down like those branches. What keeps them from breaking? What keeps me from getting discouraged, down-hearted, or depressed? I’d like to think that similar to the branch, I cling tight to the trunk. Because the tree has its roots firmly planted deep into the ground, the branches grow strong, stay connected, and bear good fruit. It is my goal to be so firmly planted in my faith, (the trunk), that I grow strong, stay closely connected, and bear good fruit. A few of the weaker and smaller twigs did break off from the strain and weight of the storm, but the other branches have returned to full height and stature. I pray when the storms of life overtake me, I will cling tightly to the trunk and be “kept safe till the storm passes by.” Psalm 46:1 says “God is our (my) refuge and strength. A very present help in time of trouble.”

Have a lovely week and enjoy the beauties of winter – “by the light of the silvery moon.” Love, Sharon