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Winter brings fond memories of being a child without worries or concerns for the bare necessities of life, and our neighbor boy recently enjoying the falling snow reminded me of growing up in Vermont.

Daniel was scrambling up the steep bank with his flying saucer, meandering in the driveway trying to catch the falling snowflakes on his tongue, and then would run to the edge of the bank, jump on his saucer (see blog photo) and fly about halfway across his lawn. I was grinning from ear to ear watching him enjoy himself and his saucer that vacation day.

who could go the fastest and the farthest on that hill

It reminded of our using the dirt road after a good storm and riding our old runner sleds as we took turns watching for cars. We’d see who could go the fastest and farthest on that hill by our home. It was great fun and yes, I even liked to catch snowflakes on my tongue, too! My other favorite winter sport was figure skating. Our town fire department would flood the grade school field and it was open for all. School recess found us donning our skates that lined the classroom and we would race outside to show off or practice our skills along with various clubs and organizations also using the ice. Those were precious times.

Projects and goals

Hello from just over the hilltop in Norwood on this lovely January day. It is overcast, unseasonally warm, quite windy, and I’m getting much done. Only a faint cough is left of the sickness and I’m ready to get to work on my January projects. One is accounting and filing, for one goal is to not have to file our income tax late this year. That would be an amazing accomplishment.

Our condensed version of the “Twelve Days of Christmas” has ended but we decided to wait on removing the Christmas cards for our prayer time for all who send cards. Dear family and friends, you will still get prayed for, just later in January while we enjoy the beauty of the cards a little longer. It didn’t take me long to take down the tree because this year we used a tiny one foot fake tree that only had lights and a string of red beads on it. Unplug, carry upstairs, and that was done! We still need to write down our blessings in 2018 and now that we are both feeling better we’ll do that this week. I love reviewing the past year’s blessings from our wonderful God as He works in our lives each year.

I love reviewing the past year’s blessing from our wonderful God

Here are just a few: twenty-eight years in the North Country, thirty-five years of marriage, twenty-five years cancer free, thirty-six proposals, (thirty-six yeses!), the opening of Tree of Life Christian Bookstore, amazing new and old guests at Rose of Sharon Bed and Breakfast, twentieth year family reunion (happens every two years so this is a forty year span of time), our sixteenth grandchild born, being able to serve at church and loving what we do, both of us in good health, and much more. Yes, hopefully we will continue to “bring forth fruit in our old age” and “continue to grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”


Dick was able, with our neighbor’s help, to find the electrical problem and fix it. Glenn saw Dick struggling with the ladder and climbing to string a cable from the house to the barn. Dick found that the problem was beneath the parking lot and didn’t want to dug it up so decided to put a new wire high in the air. Anyway, Glenn drove over and started another fact finding mission which led to determining that only one of the two wires underground was bad. They marked the bad line and Dick then rewired the yard light to a separate outlet and re-hooked the main electrical to the barn onto the good wire. Now everything in the barn and library is in good working order and we are once again grateful to our neighbor. When Glenn left that day he placed a hand on Dick’s shoulder and gently said, “Dick, the next time you need to do something like this, call me first.” O Lord, please bless him.

Well, not much news today. Another goal is trying once again to stay the course with my personal date with myself, which takes place on Tuesdays. Happy Tuesday to you and may you be blessed by your neighbors and a blessing to them. We are wanting that in our lives, too. Love, Sharon