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Hello from “just over the hilltop” in Norwood where the glorious beauty of a January storm has arrived. I didn’t think it could snow in zero and sub-zero temperatures but snow it did. And the wind blew. And the snow came. And the temperature kept dropping. By the time it finished, I’m guessing we had 12-14 inches blown here and there and everywhere.

About ten inches were snuggled in at the front door, much more at the back door, and shoveling the porch Dick left high piles near the edge because the kitchen steps were piled with the windblown snow. I often wondered how in the “olden days” some couldn’t get out the door and now I see. This was the first we’d ever seen the front porch full of snow and against the door. Thankfully, we have three doors and the kitchen one opened easily.

Dick says that the fine crystals were stunning to view and light to shovel. A magical scenery for sure. The coldest we’ve had so far was last night getting to 12 below and yesterday’s high was two below. We definitely stayed inside and I worked on sorting and straightening out my closet library, while Dick wrote and read. I also watched a couple of old movies.

Winter comes

Last week before the storm came we had our furnace technician stop to check out the heater in the shed at the bookstore. Dick wasn’t able to trouble-shoot the problem and Mr. Burwell fixed it in no time flat. On the phone he thought it sounded like a thermocouple and he’d stop by that afternoon. It didn’t take him long. Dick says it took longer to decide which screwdriver size to use and the right spot to thunk that heater on its side. That did it. A piece of dirt let loose and the heater lit right away and is working just fine. I love simple fixes even if we couldn’t do it ourselves. Thank God for those who know what and where to repair broken equipment.

that sound in the air seems to becken each time I hear it

The train whistle seems more inviting as it calls in the stillness of a dark night. Why does it draw one’s thoughts toward the unknown with an illusion that beyond the next bend life might be easier? Or maybe more people? More adventures? Or more jobs? Maybe more land? Whatever the desire of one’s heart may be, the call of the train seems to want to take me away. But that thought is but for a moment because I am not looking for more of anything. I am content with what and where I am. And yet that sound in the air seems to beckon each time I hear it. Do you like the train whistle?

Faithful Man

I’ve been thinking……..that I am indeed married to a faithful man. Proverbs asks the question “but a faithful man, who can find?” I found one and once again he showed his faithfulness at Lowe’s last week. As he was finishing installing the track lighting down the center of the bookstore, I asked about the lights and if we needed more. He thought we might so I asked how much were they? He pulled out the receipt from two weeks ago to check the price and discovered he had not been charged for one out of the two extra packages of lights. So when he went to get more supplies, he told them to charge for an error, which we already had but hadn’t paid for. The cashier wasn’t sure if she could do that and went for help. The manager informed her that indeed it could be done and both of them kept thanking Dick for being so honest. I guess it is rare that one returns to pay for something that was overlooked on a bill. May God use that incident to encourage the people at Lowe’s that faithful men still abound and I am fortunate enough to be married to one.

faithful men still abound and I am fortunate enough to be married to one

Oh, and Dick was able to repair the water pipes in the shed at the bookstore but chose not to turn the water on until the cold snap is over. We will be working over there again this week and will see that all goes well with the water while there. I am almost done with my work in the store and will start to rearrange and put out the new stock that will be here soon. Exciting days ahead and we’ll open next week for our regular inconveniently open hours of three day a week – Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. See you on the 31st.

Well, the days are getting a little longer as I realized I didn’t need to turn on the porch light until after 5 yesterday. The sun is on the move, the moon is full and bright, and the winter days are in full bloom. Enjoy them while they’re here. Happy January! Love, Sharon