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Happy Valentine’s Day to my dear family and friends. Dick and I don’t really celebrate this day any different than the other 364 days in a year. We are valentines everyday and manage to express it numerous times a day.

It was our goal to be on a perpetual honeymoon, so to speak, and keep the home fires burning year after year. We didn’t want to be unexpected strangers after the children were grown and gone. Thankfully, that goal was realized and God has continued to bless our relationship and deepen our love for one another. May it be so in your life.

Food, food, food

Well, the temperature dropped way below zero the last couple of days and with the wind it seems to be penetrating the house more than last winter. The upstairs is very warm and toasty so that is one reason I’m writing today instead of Tuesday. The other reason is because I will be baking at the Methodist Church on Tuesday preparing for the Chicken and Biscuit supper Wednesday evening. If you are free, stop by from 4:40 – 6:30, for eating in or a take-out order. The menu is chicken and biscuits, coleslaw, green beans, cranberry sauce and a relish tray, pie or cake, and coffee. All for just $9. This is a fundraiser for the church and we hope to see you there. I will be in the kitchen but will come out to visit every so often, just like I did at Mom’s.

a fundraiser for the church and we hope to see you there

The West Potsdam Retired Ladies luncheon was here Wednesday and I practiced on them with chicken and biscuits. Ardie brought dessert called sin cake, and Bonnie brought strawberry fudge. Both were excellent. Thursday I met once again with one of the ladies from the church and she gave me a tour of the church kitchen. I wanted to see what they had for utensils, pots, and pans. Also to see the arrangement and set up of their dining room. I’m getting excited and a little anxious, but know it will be fun and Dick has volunteered to help do dishes and any clean-up. It will be great working with him bringing back sweet memories of the diner.

Music memories

Friday evening was our monthly hymn sing and we decided to have a pot luck supper first. We ended up just eating with our friends that lived in the village and put off singing due to the treacherous driving conditions that evening. Another couple turned around because of the roads, but we’ll try again next month.

Both Heidi and Garrett called us the other morning to talk. They were getting snow and were excited to be going outside when it stopped. Garrett played his harmonica for us and was playing his “happy music,” one of the different styles of music he is learning from the Little Einsteins Show. He is very good and it made Papa and me very happy!

Window or Mirror

The other day I was sitting and looking out the window watching a couple of dried leaves skate along the top of the snow with the wind at their backs. For some reason it made me think about the difference between a window and a mirror. A mirror very much focuses on oneself and how he looks. While the window tends to focus outward to others and things around us. A window allows you to see that neighbors are safe and well, that life is moving on, or that dreams become clearer and decisions easier to be made. My father-in-law encouraged me to “keep my chin up” when I was fighting breast cancer many years ago. That outward focus instead of inward kept me moving down the path of getting well and beating the cancer.

keep my chin up and my eyes straight ahead.  I’d rather have the window than a mirror.

Do I always like what I see in a mirror? Certainly not nor in very many pictures. But to quote Abraham Lincoln, “There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.” Accepting that fact is painful but looking through a window rather than at a mirror keeps my perspective of life in its proper place. Yes, looking at others and not at myself. I guess I’m thinking about this as I see the gray taking over, the wrinkles beginning, and the energy waning. BUT, when I gaze out the window I see the promise of producing even in old age and that goals and dreams can come true. May I keep my chin up and my eyes straight ahead. I’d rather have the window than a mirror.

Have a glorious week and don’t forget chicken and biscuits at the Methodist Church in Norwood Wednesday. Love, Sharon