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“Welcome to my world, won’t you come on in” is one of my favorite older tunes and whenever guests or former customers arrive I feel like singing this song to them. Partly because it’s such a pretty world with a beautiful day and company makes it even better!

We had guests from Connecticut over the weekend and family is coming this weekend and so I sing, “welcome to my world.” I love my little corner of the world and years ago Dick and I purposed to use our home like an embassy that reached out to bring happiness to those we know and those we don’t know, yet. We are getting off to a good start on our venture and adventure while sharing our home with others.

Spring project

Dick has dug four holes and has the cement and rebar in all of them for the addition. He was so excited to get his permit Friday that he tried to beat the rain and get those footings done. According to the application, he can’t hire anyone to help with this addition, so he’s pacing himself with this project and his regular work schedule to get it built this spring. I try not to be concerned about his pushing too hard or too much. I know our times are in His hand.

it is beginning to unravel in a few places yet holds together many wonderful memories of family gatherings

I received a surprise package the other day and started crying when I opened the box. Inside was the handmade tablecloth that either my Grandma Bills or Great Grandma Johanson had crocheted. It is a pineapple pattern and though is beginning to unravel in a few places yet holds together many wonderful memories of family gatherings. This tablecloth was used for special occasions and holidays because I didn’t want the children to discover it after I’m gone and know nothing about it. There are some things that are better used and well-worn with attached memories than hidden in a drawer. Anyway, I thought it lost from our last move because it wasn’t in any of the boxes I unpacked. Our daughter, Kate,recently found it her hope chest and mailed it back to me. I was ecstatic and so grateful. We must have put it there for safekeeping instead of in the storage unit. Good thinking, but poor memory.

Old and new friends

My friend Judi and I went to lunch at the Hometown Cafe to get caught up on her trip to Oklahoma. I couldn’t help but think of the ladies that came to Mom’s Schoolhouse Diner for a special time out together and here I am doing it myself and enjoying it!

Writers’ group met again last week with great insights and stories. This has become a special time of sharing. Then on Friday evening we went to Eric’s for Bible study and got home in time to receive our out-of-town guests. Sunday we returned to Eric’s just to visit and catch up on life’s happenings. I’m so glad to have him and his family nearby.

Phones and letters

I was thinking about……… and wondering if anyone remembers and still uses these considerate unspoken rules of the past. You never visited or called another mom or friend on a Monday because they were busy with getting children back to the school routine, catching up laundry and errands, and basically cleaning house from the weekends activities. Then we were not allowed to call anyone before ten in the morning or after nine at night unless it was an emergency. I still tend to keep those rules of consideration and found myself chuckling the other day and wondering if anyone else thinks about it. Maybe it was called common courtesy.

I settle into a very quiet spot to read and savor her life, thoughts,

Here is an update on handwritten letters. Fauna, a young mom and friend of our daughters, also desired to correspond through the mail. After reading my note about letters, we became mail-pals. I check my mailbox each day in anticipation of a letter with a now familiar handwriting and when one arrives, I settle into a very special quiet spot to read and savor her life, thoughts, her child’s antics, and dreams for the years ahead. I am a happy letter-writer. Maybe I can find someone else who might like to correspond with me and thus start another journey of letters and more days of “you’ve got mail!”

Have a great week as we wait for warmer weather to come to the hilltop. Love, Sharon