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Occasionally at Mom’s Schoolhouse Diner we served a dessert treat, though some asked for it for breakfast, which was the French Toast Delight. It was my famous french toast sprinkled with confectioners sugar and served with Perry’s Maple Walnut ice cream drizzled with Vermont fancy maple syrup.

Several people asked why the Vermont syrup while living in New York and here’s why. I come from Vermont. The syrup that I got from Vermont was from my former brother-in-law, who still collected the buckets of sap with his team of horses, and boiled with wood. What a wonderful smell.  Going into the woods at his farm was like stepping back in time. It was such a beautiful place to be in the spring. And the syrup is amazing.  Light and delicate.

Anyway, first make the french toast. If making four (4) thick slices of toast use three (3) eggs beaten with a fork into a low sided bowl. I use a vegetable serving dish that had a large base for the bread to set in comfortably and low sides. After beating the eggs mix some cinnamon into the eggs using as much as you like of cinnamon. Then stir in about 1 tablespoon of milk for each egg. (hint: the cinnamon will mix into the eggs better before adding the milk instead of after the milk. But you can try it both ways).

I had an electric skillet at the diner so set it at 350 degrees for french toast. Melt a little butter on the hot pan and cook the egg soaked bread (be sure to soak both sides of the bread) to your desired doneness. I don’t like my toast burned so I tend to watch it carefully.

Remove from skillet, cut into triangles and place on a dessert plate. Sprinkle with confectioners sugar, place a scoop of maple walnut ice cream between the triangles, and drizzle with maple syrup. You could add whipped cream, more walnuts, and a cherry if that’s your idea of an ice cream dessert. Either way, you’ll enjoy the warmth of the french toast with the cold ice cream and find yourself enjoying a breakfast of french toast in a new way. Hope you love it!