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Well, it is hard to believe that another three weeks have gone by and I missed my weekly date with myself on Tuesdays but for very good reasons. Life. And though it is important to me to slow down one day a week to record and to write to those in the vast world of cyberspace, family events and friend or church events will sometimes upstage my quiet Tuesdays. And they are well worth the stage.

I am continually amazed at the Providence of God in my life and how He orchestrates all the details and happenings for my benefit and good. “Why me, Lord” as Kris Kristofferson sings? Dick and I marvel that our days are coordinated and not too overwhelming with the help of my calendar. I will admit that we are oftentimes just plain exhausted and maybe a little sore here and there, but this season of our life is fast and fun. We love being together and he is such a delight to be with. We do laugh a lot. Even over our oddities. Laughing with and at each other keeps us bound closely. I love that man of mine.

We do laugh a lot.  Even over our oddities

Anyway, we have been out gallivanting, dancing, and traveling. But let’s start with the normal routine of our weeks. Writers’ group began this month, the bookstore hosted an old-time gospel sing, the retired West Potsdam ladies held their monthly luncheon at Denise’s, choir practice and Bible study continue to bless, and Dick has been working for paying customers. A lot of his work is volunteer since he sort-of-retired, but we do need income, too. So we are grateful for these small and medium size jobs. The bookstore is slowly reaching more people and we are thankful for the encouragement we’ve received for our inventory and the direction of the stores goals. We will be having an Open House in November and a Christmas Caroling evening in December. Watch for details if you are interested.

The bed and breakfast is beginning to slow down now and we are still loving our guests and sitting on the porch day or night. The weather has been more breathable, the deer more visible, a flock of baby starlings are hanging around, and the squirrels and chipmunks are delightful to watch as they scurry about in play and work. The leaves on one of our front maples already have turned and dropped. We have a sick tree and are not sure if it can be saved.

Vermont wedding

Probably the high point of this month was going to Vermont for my brother’s wedding, a family reunion with Dick’s siblings, and a wonderful visit with my mom. The night before the wedding we were visiting at my mom’s with Don (the groom) and my sister Cece and husband Tom. We were practicing one of the songs that Don was hoping we’d sing at the reception like we used to sing growing up around the piano. My mom’s alto voice was just as strong and beautiful as I remember and my senses took it in and hid it in my heart. What a joy to hear her sing.

Mom’s alto voice was just as strong and beautiful as I remember

The wedding on Saturday was beautiful with an ocean beach theme. Linda, (the lovely bride), had made all the decorations and starfish sugar cookies for the 270 guests with her daughter-in-law Ann helping. Everything was exquisite and tastefully done. Both my brother and Linda are very active in their churches and community and so many of their friends and family wanted to share this special day with them. Don made a lighthouse for guest to sign instead of the usual guest book. This lighthouse is seven feet tall and will find a place in their apartment. They honored the veterans by inviting them to come to the buffet table first while their military anthems played. Don and Linda wanted their first act of service to be one of welcoming and serving their guests. They wanted to go last and not first. What a testimony of God’s grace and love in their lives and they begin right from the start taking care and honoring others.

The dancing finally began and Dick danced with our granddaughter Elsa (22 months) in his arms and got her to start laughing as they danced and Papa pretended to be Lester Bear, the puppet. She was hilarious to watch. Well, Dick was, too. Then Heidi wanted me to help her dance so I was trying to teach her to first tap your toe with the music and then move with it. We were dancing to a rock and roll tune and she loved being twirled around. But as wonderful as the grandchildren were, Dick and I were able to waltz, rock and roll, and twist to many favorites. Donny had chosen some great old songs.


Sunday we went to our oldest son’s house for the Bastille reunion. Eliot had gathered the clan together which is the first time in about three years since the death of both their parents. We had beautiful weather and a great visit. Our oldest granddaughter and oldest great-granddaughter were also present. So good to talk with Maygan. Thank you to Eliot and Lori for hosting and preparing food, and for Alysa (another granddaughter) for playing with the little grandchildren while the adults visited. Sometimes, I think we have the best family and again ask myself, “Why me, Lord?”

There is more but I will stop for now. As my calendar catches up with my life I should be back on track for this date next week. Keep active, keep faith, and most of all keep and appreciate your family and friends. Love, Sharon