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Did you ever deliver home-made May baskets filled with wildflowers to a neighbor when you were a child? I did and was wondering if people still hang a little basket on the door knob, ring the bell, then run and hide to watch the surprised and delighted friend as they found the flowers. Oh, one of the simple pleasures of ushering in spring.

Dick and I left early Friday morning and returned home last night from a full weekend with both of our daughters and husbands, grandchildren, and dear friends. We stayed with Garrett and Heidi while their Mom, Dad and baby sister Elsa, attended a home school conference in Massachusetts. It’s hard to believe that it is almost time for a little structured schooling and they are looking ahead for curriculum and teaching helps. While they soaked up the instruction and encouragement, we were soaking up time with Garrett and Heidi with books, bubbles, and bears. Yup, you guessed it. Dingy (Dick’s special bear) went with us and got all tired out playing with Garrett and his airplane.

soaking up time with Garrett and Heidi with books, bubbles, and bears

Our friends, who are also the other set of grandparents, were over for supper and a visit Friday evening. Actually, MaryAnn made supper for us and while she and I cleaned up afterward, the two grandpas took Garrett and Heidi along with their Uncle Steven (12 years old) for a walk around the block. We had a wonderful time with Steve and MaryAnn catching up and focusing on this next stage of our lives.

Sunday visits

On Sunday we went to church with Jami and Karen and family, then to Kate’s and Chad’s for a Sunday afternoon visit. It was Chad’s birthday and earlier in the month Cheyenne had celebrated her sixteenth birthday. It’s hard to believe that she now has her driving permit and is turning into a thoughtful young lady. If you think you’re surprised how old your children are, wait till the grandchildren keep getting older. I suppose that means we are getting older, too, but I don’t feel it…..much…..or often.

The cousins made a mess in the living room while playing but as soon as it was time to leave all the toys were put back in their storage containers. Great job!  Later I helped Sam (2) build a Lincoln Log garage and he parked his matchbox cars in it. Well, until it fell down. Maybe this grandma needs to take a course in building construction.

Fossils and Futures

On our way home yesterday, Dick wanted to look for fossils in the Booneville area so we stopped for a while and he searched the roadside shale banks, finding a couple to add to his museum collection. He loves to show the grandchildren his rock and fossil pieces. Actually, he loves to show anyone who might be interested his collection.

We also took Roy Orbison, Johnny Horton, and Marty Robbins with us on this trip and enjoyed the historical songs of Johnny and the magnificent voice of Roy. It was definitely a wonderful weekend of making more memories. And while on the road Dick and I brainstormed about a future ministry and direction that God may be leading us on. We are excited about it if we are able to flesh it out and it actually comes to pass. The Psalmist encourages us that “even in old age we shall bring forth fruit” and as we desire to still produce fruit in our lives, we have begun praying for this new adventure. May your life be full of adventures and new beginnings no matter what age you are in life. Never, never give up as there is always something that can be done to benefit families, friends, communities, and beyond. Love to all, from just over the hilltop. Sharon